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    Can I Be Ernest?

    Good stuff. Thanks again @Troy @Mel Hopkins I most certainly am! I'm currently working on a fictional story dealing with real life/everyday matters, and I plan on doing a follow up to my featured book. Very excited about both. @Troy I've taken down your info. Were you interested in a copy of the book?
  2. ErnestLiving

    Can I Be Ernest?

    @Troy I'm a certified loser lol - bedtime is usually 9 - 9:30pm. I don't even try to fight it anymore. Naps are life! Don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise.
  3. ErnestLiving

    Can I Be Ernest?

    Hi @Mel Hopkins Thank you for the kind words! If you click on the book title in the original post (or my name), it should direct you to my Amazon page and website respectively (I hope the links aren't broken). The book is also available on Barnes & Noble. Also, are you suggesting that I include the tags in my posts? (sorry if I sound inexperienced - I am : / ). Writing the book was the easiest part, everything else?! sssssssssss! lol. Thank you guys in advance.