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  1. New from the Decolonized Minds Publishing:  Up From Religion: A Poetic Memoir Mo'Reese Madu. In the searing pages of this revolutionary memoir, Madu poetically explores his before and after journey as a writer and teacher in the Hebrew Israelite Movement and the many experiences that caused him to leave both his religion and the bible behind. His poems move fluidly across the trials of his personal life to the 400 year plight of Black America, providing us with extraordinary insight into the social conditioning of western religions and how they keep black people divided and conquered. Madu’s poetry also provides the reader with timely proverbs of the ancient knowledge and wisdom that he learned along the way, which led him to walking in wholeness without the help of any religion or the bible. Up From Religion is a radical testimony of black liberation from spiritual enslavement. Advance Praise: "One of the most revolutionary books of our time. Reading Up From Religion is like listening to conscious music; it inspires you to think and change for the better." - Jon Hosey About The Author: Mo'Reese Madu is a social and biblical historian, blogger, and author. He is best known for his black liberation essays on his internationally-read blog, TruthOverTradition.com. He is also a self-taught herbalist, wellness advocate, and former youth mentor to at-risk teems in the public school system. Up From Religion is his first collection of poetry and he is currently working on the screenplay for the movie. AVAILABLE FOR PRE-ORDER NOW Release Date: June 11, 2019 Memoir/African American Poetry $14.99 Paperback, ISBN: 978-1732899391 160 pages, 5.2 x 8.0 http://decolonizedminds.com/upfromreligion/ MEDIA CONTACT: Ashley Lindsay Chief Publicist Decolonized Minds Publishing +1 803-470-6764
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