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  1. I started reading some stuff from Nicole Givens. For now it seems ok. https://nicolegivenskurtz.com/ (Sorry Troy, if links are not allowed, please feel free to remove them, and big apologies from me). This weekend I will read All or Nothing, by Preston Allen (although it is not the kind of genre I am looking for, I will give it a try). I will (hopefully) post (my first) reviews...
  2. Hi everyone, I was trying to find some info on African American book blogs (I am interested in science fiction mostly) and I found your site through https://blog.feedspot.com/african_american_book_blogs/ The reason I am looking for this kind of forums/information is that I would like to get recommendations and share experiences on that. I am mostly into scifi books , from best sellers like Cixin Liu's Three Body Problem trilogy and Children of Men to pulp fiction from BV Larson and Baxter's (I really enjoyed Moonseed some 15 years ago; I gave it another try recently and it has aged really well) ... and I was wondering if there are any African American authors out there that you would recommend Your input is much appreciated Dak
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