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  1. Can You Release Weight While You Sleep? (February 24, 2017) Deltona, FL - Daya Devi-Doolin’s latest book, Grow Thin While You Sleep! can help hundreds of thousands of people reclaim their faith in themselves, reclaim their health, enthusiasm for life and release unwanted pounds while gaining spiritual strength. You can utilize her 7 day plan or gear it for 21 days for convenient healthy plan to jumpstart your program for releasing. The title of her book is “Grow Thin While You Sleep!” and the subject matter contains information on how to FINALLY release unwanted poundag
  2. For Immediate Press Release I AM POWER: Divine Powerful Affirmations that Can Change Your Life One Moment at a Time! Paperback Pages 104 Language English ASIN 1877945234 Price USA $12.00 Former Homeless Woman, Now Best-Selling Author I AM POWER, Divine Power Affirmations that Can Change Your Life One Moment at a Time (Deltona, FL, May 25, 2019) Daya Devi-Doolin, a Speaker and an Award-Winning Author, has offered a blueprint in her ninth book, I AM POWER on how to change your life one moment at a time! Daya at one point in her life was li
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