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  1. You ever wanted a thing so bad that the thought of losing it before you even have it makes you mad. Do you ever dream beyond the moment of conception with the intention of having better things. I ask God so many questions because I just want to know what it all means. Looking over life wondering how women can take on so many roles. We have pushed up those around us while not losing sight of our own goals. I wasn't prepared for this life with so many fires to put out. Where we speak life into existence but we are never taught how. Where we as individuals should be allowed to determine our own worth yet we don't understand this that our value can't be decided on earth We are not told in our formative years that fears is no more than a mindset. That negative is cultivated as a jacket we wear out of fear. Fear of not fitting in. Not looking like her. Not moving like them, not conforming to the world. Peculiar is a world to describe the within. The part of us that we push down because to be different is difficult and a way not to win. Its not losing either. it's just to carbon copy your soul because we are taught as small children that the way of society is we all walk the same road. So let's be honest Where does that road actually lead. Do you know where you are going, so grateful they taught you to read. Not realizing the day you learned your ABC's, it was that very moment you started to be deceived. It was there that the lies began to be told. That you will go to school, work at 18, get used up by thier system to die when your old. Opening eyes to the American dream. It's not roads paved with gold it's a lie and a scheme. It's how they get us to buy into the lie with shiny little bobbles and promises of dreams. They Indocurate us and lie saying its for our own good because we as various cultures aren't misunderstood. They know what's best for all others as they feel they should. Wake up so we raise this generation to an alternative way where our children learn there is value in what we need to say. We are asking you not to lie as bad as the truth maybe. Because the truth of the matter is knowledge is what set the captive mind free. Free my people.
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    The last line.
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    Unevenly yoked means you don't agree and a house divided can not stand. Depending on how true and grounded you are in your faith will be like standing at the greatest divide. Like both holding to a rope with no true winning side. It's left and right trying to take control. It's like fighting the current as you swim while you're walking up a road. It will be liking to talking and listening simultaneously. Like wanting to battle but praying to flee. It's like an orange orange colored by design but an anomaly is created when you taste a fruit that appears as an orange yet taste of a completely different kind. It's like empty and full competing in a space where everything is nothing and the lack of faith won the race. The word of God says to not unevenly yoke yourself to another because the difference may destroy the love created for each other. Because many are grounded in this religion game but if it is Jesus that you worship and spiritually that you seek than the question should be changed. To yoke yourself in marriage is more then simple faith, there are questions that should be asked and the answer can be found in grace. Listening is more then hearing what is said. Know that love can concur all if it's truly God Lead.
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    It's okay

    Know Your Worth, Be Okay With Being You, and We Are All So Much More Than The Words We Choose. We Are Originators Of Unique Creative Avenues That Lead To Unexplored Shores That Go Unnamed Until We Choose. We Are Unexplored Territory Canvassing Our Next Move Unaware That So Many Will In Fear Allow Curiosities To Set Up All The Rules. Which For Many Will Be Bricked Off Walls And Doors Of Bars Called Shame, It Would Be Absent Of That Childlike Intrigue Where We Learn To Pronounce Our Very Own Name. It Will Be The Difference In The Mold The Journey Takes Where We Are Allowed To Learn Ourself And Be Okay With Our Own Mistakes
  5. Was Wondering Where The Grown Folks Are. It's Like Aiming For The Moon And Wishing On Stars Real Conversations Coming Your Way. Bringing Solutions Should Be The New Dance Craze. Scary Minds Trying To Find A Way To Lossen The Noose That We Are Taught By The Masters To Ingore While We Open Eyed Are Blinded By The Indocurated Information We Are Taught In Our Youth. Yes I Believed Too. My Cultures Mismanaged Story Not Only Jaded By The Chalked Outlined Street But Dripping In Blood And Bought As My Truth Is Shoved To The Credits Which Are Decorated By Those Now Coined Deceased. My Forefathers Never Existed, Thier Names Changed So My Children Would Die In The Street. To Cut The Head Of The Beast Is To Leave The Strongest Of Us The Outcome Of Being incomplete so They Stole My Soul Causing Me To Roam All Alone Then Walk In Anger When They Call Their Social Distructon What it Is Was Which Is Wrong. Yes You Where For Not Calling My Black Beautiful Which it Is. So we as grown Folks my change the narrative and give respect to mystery as we teach the next generation how to live.
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    I don't wanna waste any more time, time is not my friend, time, time isn't my enemy, time owes me nothing, time is a commodity we wasted when were young not realizing that when it's gone it's gone, it's gone and so many of us pray for it, but we all want to redo somewhere in our life some decision we made where we feel we should have thought twice but it is what it is. Time doesn't bend it just joins us as we live. it's like the walk, or the breath we needed to exist but if we cherished it as we should We would value the risk. the risk that comes when you realize your wasting time. Its when you don't realize that time isn't your friend for you and for me it has both beginning and end and it's hard to describe Unless you understand it's kind but you can't marry time. you can't stop time so stop trying time. you can't help time. And just when you realize it's importance that when you're out of time, it's time you come to terms with time and understand that in life lost time is a crime because it's pulled Away from you just as you learned what to do with time, it's like just when you learn what do with time that's actually when you don't have anymore just when you realize that you've taken so many things for granted thinking tomorrow will come when it's not actually promised you look at time And you want more. time can't be Sued, it's at this time you want to beat up time. You wanna see time when time meets you the day you were born in so many that love you told you to slow down and take advantage of time arms, remembering the small things that seemed so sublime. seems so unnecessary to your youthful state of mind. No time didn't bring you money and time Won't promise you riches or gold Time will however escort you until you're old it's just sad to think we think we don't understand time until we come to an age We realize How precious time is and it's Sad because the reality comes just as we are learning to live. I'll make time for you. There's still time..... #positiveblackimages #blacklove #blacktalent #poetry #poetrycommunity #loveyourself #loyalty #authorsofinstagram #artist #motherhood #sisters @#blacklove @blackexcellencesocialclub #blackwoman #blackart #blackmusic #authenticity #influencer #Godinspired
  7. It's respect for them. I wear the mask knowing covid is a joke. I wear it because it gives some a misguided type of hope. I don't wear it because it makes me feel any kind of safe. I wear it because so many fear man that God had lost his space, place, time in that life so when others walk in fear I put the mask on because they think this will save a life. My war is not with you but we voted this mess in. It's about dividing and conjuring as so many relationships will end. It's misinformation fed to us everyday and we get lost in the words because we all refuse to pray. We are not asking the right questions and they take advantage of that as well, they gave us cell phones what technology that is rounding us up like cattle that is being driven straight to hell. Every one afraid to address the elephant in the room, Hitler isn't or will never be the consolation to what we see as doom. So mask or not at the end of the day shot or no shot a mask won't harm in any way. It won't help either I just want you to feel safe.
  8. We are having the wrong conversation here. Our government is like Hitler oh the movies they will someday write. The history that will be written for such a time as this. The things in this that we are willing to compromise. So my question is exactly what are they attempting to distract us from. Could it be the new one world order or are governments just having fun. When looking back on history when did the dirt appear. Some of the true to life adaptation are only now being made clear. Create fear. Use the Jim Crow theory divide and concur rewrite history until we all get weary. But really when thinking did the government do anything for it's people. They lured us in promising the American dream but this goes so much deeper.... my people Parrish because they lack knowledge. Don't believe everything they say. When in doubt fall to your knees and pray
  9. it's spoken word and it would really depends on my state of mind at the time. It take motivation, how we tell it can change another's state of mind. So when determining anything I use grace to allow my heart to decide. It would really be to the glory if together we all are adorned on the very same stage. Many of us share experiences of the road less traveled so it encourages others to omit the fear that is created with the decision of change.
  10. Men are taught often to show themselves vulnerable is to be weak.. many women have been in today's society is the less you show you care the more he will try to get you too see him standing there. So to not seem insane how does anyone know how anyone feels. We run to the same sex for comfort infear of frightening each other. We wear mask daily in relationships where we spirituality and mentally catfish one another. Mental health is the first think to consider but she won't notice his state of mind unless she is his sister. So to say 1 of ten of the females in his life will notice his struggle could be right. The one who show up in the mist of the challenge is probably the one he should make his wife. Most women are selfishly trying not to drown and have been pulled apart and haven't had the example of how to hold a single man down. I mean one man that she can actually see. He must honestly ask himself who is he attracted too because some will be his reflection so does he care about his own mental health. So his looking for her to understand or was he saying in the asking something else. If your important we care. He must find the one he is important to.
  11. I'm not sure why people can't come to terms Or won't come to terms with the necessity of forgiveness that comes with learning. It's learning to love every man where he is found. a man is not bound by his circumstances he is not hostage to his past. a man should learn from his ancestors so that he Doesn't have to look back. Referencing is required. It's like a map in time. You may have to walk the road more then once to commit it in your mind. Imagine us the Atlas. each man a different place. each man a different journey and no two journeys In time should be a raced. Imagine some roads rocky, other roads completely hilled some roads are on cliffs and some roads Are on hard ground that needs to be tilled. His journey might require prudence some patients depending on the need in the end. his journey might be deemed Mind blowing depending on what others might see but every journey is to a place that is necessary to the whole because how far have we ever gotten exploring on our own. we stop along the way as most of us should while some Blow past the beauty and fail to take the time to see that every movement with In the journey is motivation to the Others that need something to believe. Good or bad, history was made and in the sacrifice of others many roads where paved. In the name of progress pushing past being the norm we learned to be tolerant As we took fear past a place we determine to be a harm. so as we looked on this cultures Divide we learn from one another and we forgive Laying aside our pride. We can't stay divided forever. we can't or we shouldn't Live solely in the past. we must hold on to each other together because the journey is not over until forgiveness is all that last. Forgive me!
  12. Will I ever know your story or will my story surfice. It boggles my mind when I think how one sided each story is when it comes to real life. I never heard your history or did I imagined what you went through. I never took into consideration that you have a story too. I just heard what they said. you know the ones that look like me. the ones that share what they feel is the most important take on history. I wonder if those claiming all these tragic things in time ever realize that those that are multi cultural have a somewhat different take on cultural crimes. I mean how do we relate to them killing you which is the killing of me how do we not understand That it was more than slaves that were taken and while they weren't taken slaves they were people that looked like me. I mean Asian's were stolen Indians were slaves as well, while black people have cornered the market on travesty theyd refused to return to the motherland That today wouldn't treat us that well So what do we do where do we begin how do we combine our histories so the cultures could learn to blend. do I tell you The Best of Me as you have done to the rest of us, How do we get back to that coin phrase in God we trust. how do we begin where my truth does not harm you. how do we learn to embrace the best and worst of each culture so the strengthening of us is the not death of me and you.. Truly there is no U or I. We don't as a race really fair a part no matter how we try. I I don't want to take your movies. I don't want to take your books. I don't want to remove your history but I want my history to have a different look. we want to be included, our side according to our own history, we need to be taught in school, we want our children to be free, knowledge is freedom and freedom Gives us an advantage we've never had before, we shouldn't have to research the outcome of A-war when that war is still going on today and we're in the middle and we have very little to say because no one asked us how we felt about Thanksgiving ever or that day. Thanksgiving goes far beyond Columbus. It's the reverence not the finding of the world, its the blessings that came for many as my ancestors were there. Some were brought over on slave ships and others owned others yet today that's not my care, my care is it took each one of them, a culture to make me, each a different description of world history and it all needs to be kept in reach. Perspective. Closing the cultural divide.
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    Someone to aspire too.. on a scale of 1 to 10. I say 31, because proverbs 31 for females give us a place to begin. She is too the imagination the description of every woman from within. She is mother and wife, sister and friend, she is the essence of femininity her titles have no end. If it can be achieved she'll strive for the win, her goals are accomplishments that make those idle moments feel like sin. She is a greeter, that only retreats as a design, She will change her lane to complete the desires of her mine. She is a master that is making the rules. By extension of her values her virtue a tool. Trend setting her image as we do as she would as the example of femininity is her primary mood. A goal is a thought that we desire a dream yet she is more than the moment, she is the extreme. If a man finds her, the world she will lay at his feet and until you realize you are her, you're far from complete. It's not a goal, it's a mind set. When we set our minds to get it, the word goal can't begin to describe what we do to make it happen once we've made up our minds. She is more than imagined, we exist in real time..
  14. Can we grow together? Is this a question, or a statement. We can grow together is this a simple estimation. We say things that are more then simply heard. There is more to the commitment that becomes convoluted with spoken word. Is a relationship an investment of merely time. Does me being absent from your presence make my existence sublime. Did I disappear because my voice faded in the dark. Am I nonexistent because you couldn't feel my heart. Can we grow together? Because I don't look like you, we can grow together yet it's something we must choose. Your voice is a voice that echos a melody and even when I can't see you I know you feel like me. I know our common ground unites us as sisters in this race, yet we are not each others competition because we both have different obstacles to face. We compete against a world that would fail us. Teach us to compete, show us that we are only as valued as the world would allow our reach. Yet what we are, is a chain link fence broken down. We sit alone as links and wont reach our full potential until we learn to stand our ground. We can't fullfill that potential until we see our worth and demand the full value in it essence unrehersed. Women must unite to protect the growth within. This knowledge is what must be nutured so women learn to become slightly more than friends. I am searching for my sister's yet friendship is where it begins, so can we grow together or we can grow together so the silence can finally end...
  15. I feel so alone laying next to you. Waking up to another nightmare where promises weigh me down like a boulder on my neck, it has me praying for the silence that is a companion to death. Words can not describe the dread that sits at my feet, the emptiness that represents my thoughts and drain my energy. Swollen eyes slightly ajar decorate my face which is without Emotion as time has removed the color for remorse to take its place. The disguise I wear takes every bit of me, it’s distorted what remains and blinded me too a fantasy. It is remiss to compare a fairytale to a nightmare as they both are thought imagined yet they both will have us scared. Both have a hero both a villain too, both you’ll awaken yet more often it’s starts a dream till it’s the nightmare that reign true. Wake me up! Please, wake me up…
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