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    Balance, the yin and the yang, two equal parts, different yet same, value and worth, caution without pain, to be uneasy and alarmed, proud and shamed. The conundrum that describes the strange, that gives names to the nameless that are showered with fame. The walk to the crawl and backs become fronts and no one is turning around but the mystery lost in the moment becomes so profound. Identical places that set back to back. The coin toss that has tails looking up while the head was once at. The falling of rain and raising of sand. The coarseness of water as it sits on the ground. The nature flow with the robotic dance is the motion of still where to be blind is to be seen at a glance. The forward gesture with the backward drift where right is wrong, and a compromise the very wish. The nightmare that is cultivated becomes the dream of tranquility in the occasion created the bustle of a culture not often seen. Balance: the good and bad, the happy, the sad, joy and pain, the yin the yang. The beginning again only to know that it all comes to an end., enemies soon becomes friends, we open our eyes just to close them again, but balance so uncomfortable to us but really beyond Jesus what else can we trust balance..
  2. Ldvirtue

    The door

    The door: it only looks like an entrance, but when it is examined, it is so much more. We use the door for so many things, it is a way of escape depending on the direction it swings. It is a pendulum that can be blown opened or closed. It has duel purposes when we consider should it be opened or closed. The door is the way many come in. we invite them, to enter where a conversation can begin and in the same breath we tell them to leave but the intent of the direction is decided by the perception believed. The exit sign sets just up above but is never noticed when we enter in love, and yes the door is often sealed shut, the soul that is broken will brick the door up. Some doors are beautiful to be seen. The art work that was invested has one wondering if to just open the door what there would be, and as the door opens the things that are found have you wondering if the emptiness inside was silently yelling out loud and then the crushed door that looks like it was kicked down. The hinges are missing and the glass is broke out. The door that is hanging on by a thread. It is the very door that gets passed like it owes the world this great debt. The door that is worn and the come in sign hangs to the left, you’d never dare venture for fear of the dread, yet this door is simply less appealing because of much use, it is only uninviting when considering the view. Nevertheless when it is opened the story’s it tells are magic, the words on the wall are written in grace, everything concerned just finds it place but we walk right by this door every day, passing judgement because it doesn’t appear to entered would be safe, We look for the door, which is that way of escape. When we enter to walk the road less traveled we learn to open the door most used is the only way. He Is door
  3. Ldvirtue


    Perception, it is not a matter of what you see in your mind. It is not what your eyes witness that make perception a reality. We see things all the time refusing to believe our lying eyes, our minds make us give our thoughts permission to compromise. Perception is based on experiences whether good or bad, it is about what we are taught and often more than not our parents where working with the best they had. It is hard to consider as the children we once where that others would impact the way we learn to view the world. There are those that come along to challenge what you believe because knowing is an Illusion wrapped in stories that are jaded by what is deemed truth. Reality and truth are far from best of friends, one man’s truth can brings another man’s reality to an end. Reality is determined in the very place that you stand and as you change your direction so will the truth as we understand. We see, think and decide that we know what to do, we base some simple principles on what we think is truth, but the truth for some is a noose about the neck, it keeps them in the dark where reality can’t be met. Someone is yelling, their perceptions into the night, not contemplating the outcome, who cares if it’s wrong or right, slightly changes words to history as it is told, taking for granted because no one is left who knows how the story really goes. So we perceive what we believe as the truth in modern times. We look for the words but they’ve been compromised, they wrote us out of the stories and rewrote themselves in the staring roles. they fractionized our existence and decided what we’d know. they took away our systems in an attempt to control our flow, well is it time that we took our stories back, taking control of our perception is where we will start, teaching the future generation just what they should know, so they understand that we are Gods greatest works of Art. It starts in us realizing it is in the way we view each other and the way we worship God as well as the way we react to their falsifying our royalty, and we all do this out of love. Changing a perception won’t be a simple task yet we must begin someplace and to start is all I ask.
  4. there is no indication of where she picked up this behavior, she is racist because of her chose of action but who is to say she didn't pick up this idealism in school or family, you are jumping to conclusion without fact. not must people weather they believe or not or even white. So many are full of hate of all cultures, we can not omit ourselves from the self hate we have as a people. the bitterness and confusion about who we are. A lot of the choices of the generations we have parented are showing as a people we are at best ignorant, they watch the real Housewives of Atlanta and Basket Balls wives, Green Leaf and Empire, for those with experiences limited to what they will see, they never see the reality of me and the culture I represent. and we buy into this fallacies, we promote it, they are insecure because of the man that is currently playing POTUS today. Must of this hatred stems from fear, the music of today promotes fear, what they glamorize about our people on TV promotes fear, we can't begin to hold anyone responsible for our situations until we take responsibility for our situations. what are we protecting, for the must part they are mimicking us, We need to start off protecting us from one another, joining each other, promoting and patronizing one another, They expose the criminal, they uplift the rule breakers, we can change that as a people of color. but we will complain making no obvious change. saying this child is racist gets us were. this conversation is mute if we aren't making a move.
  5. I am not your friend. I am not here to please you. I am here to help shape you. It is my job to help you become a worthwhile part of society one day. So no I am not here to without merit to daily praise you. No, I don't have to play with you and as you get older the meaner I will seem so thank you, the fact that you are upset with me is a accolade you see. Your complaining is actually a compliment to me, so you know I am not a genie in a bottle and your wish is not my every command. I know when you have children you’ll better understand. So please don’t get it twisted I know you didn’t ask to be born you say every day but really who’s punishing whom because the teenager you are is making me want to run away. Eventually you will come to find that there are things in life far meaner then I will ever seem. When you look back on your childhood it will seem like such a dream, so what is meaner than a parent? Let’s talk about your very first, like tent, no I mean rent. The bus dang I meant car payment, bills, groceries, bosses, friends spouses, oh I got off the topic of this conversation. Okay we will revisit this subject when your 25 and can re-evaluate the situation. You’ll probably think then, she wasn't as mean as she seemed to be, but you’ll have moved away from home and now we will use that room for AIR BNB
  6. Ldvirtue


    Depending on her age: It is quite normal for girls to like girls more than boys. People it's normal. To you who were born little girls, you should remember that. Okay so. The problem is when parents over react. The other problem is when we don’t tell girls that sisters, women we trust, grandmas, mothers, cousin, with woman we love there are simply lines we do not cross, the perversion comes when we cross that line and it’s in that very moment that God’s intent is lost. All women should know that the strongest bonds we will ever create will come from other females. We set the examples, it's an attraction thing, it's not a sexual thing, it's an ethical thing, not an experimental thing. We as woman are naturally attracted to one other. It is actually how we become friends. How we form bonds that are called sisterhoods and this is determined by commonality, it’s in today’s vernacular said sister of another mother. If you can remember that far back when we as girls at a particular age actually disliked the opposite sex all together, yes it’s normal. These are who we refer to when speaking B-B-F best friends forever. Young girls should not only be taught but, learn to love the female part of them. Nothing is more beautiful than a girl that flows into herself. she blossoms from within. Femininity should be treasured; so when masculinity come into the equation, the balance is understood. The two that twain as one was a journey as we stepped through each phase of each ones memory of childhood. Now there was a time where growing up was transparent to say the least yet now we must provide strong examples of healthy male female relationships that others desire to exemplify, which is in essence of what we want them to see. I wanted a man at a time just like dear old dad, or to be sitting old like my grandparents enjoying every moment had. I just don’t want them to think it's not normal for females to interact. Everyone is going so far to the left that women seem to torture one another and that is just as harmful as the latter, and it’s just an awful way for women to act. So think it through. What are we teaching them to be. We lose more to that perceived because they get lost in the illusion of what the natural eye can’t see. Which is when women unite as sisters we can change reality we can uplift one another set the lost mind free. It is this very reason they separate us because they fear our unity, so they pit us against each other, they dread our harmony.
  7. It’s not about what they have when you meet them, It’s about what you can motivate them to be. Some others, a partner will do what is needed to keep them but that can't begin till we start, Some just need a glimpse of what can be and income and potential are true enemies. No, I ain't down for a mate that can't or won't pull his weight, but let’s keep it real, How many others really know how to elevate? I mean help others meet their goals. Help another excel no matter how old. How much doubt does it take to crush dreams? How many females are meeting broken brothers because no other female help them or just crushed their dreams, and a hustle is a hustle. I work 8 to 5, but my work is a hustle so they got two jobs to survive, We sell ourselves short when we lose compromise, and when Obama told Michelle he'd be in the White House someday, I see a woman that had to hold on tightly because that should have, as he is a black man had her running away. So yes, if they want what you got they will do what they must. A hustle or job it shouldn't matter to us. So yes is my answer. A friendship that begins with understanding and ends with love.
  8. God I need others to see you in my very movement, please take who I am and replace it with who you intend me to be, I need your reflection. It’s your essence I need all others to see. Father please meet me every morning, please let me look upon your glory in the rising of the sun. When I open my eyes, let my ears be blessed to hear you in my morning song. Send me into a favor filled day where your mercy is what is waiting as I step outside myself. God cover me in your grace, you are all; I don’t want anyone to see anything else. Lord be my comfort as I speak to everyone. Take my words and make words inviting soul to soul, Lord push me down so that you can bubble over, to walk as an example of your love is my greatest goal. Stand in the gap so that the deep trenches can be crossed. Lord give me wings so that I soar above ungodly thoughts. Please provide the answers to those questioning who you are. Lord I need you to move ahead of me so that I can follow where you lead. I am asking as your daughter because your love is what I need. I need to be obedient to your movement in my life. I just really want to be worthy, I want to be worth Jesus’s sacrifice.
  9. Ldvirtue


    He called it a bribe. So what did he have on me? What information could he use that would have me thinking it a fair exchange. He wanted what I had but I didn’t know clearly what it was and his innocence he maintained, I couldn’t figure out in the complexity of that moment how I could ransom my soul, Considering I was in the dark and was thinking, I need to know what is that he knows. The payoff seemed high for a puzzled incomplete, I was toying with my imagination when contemplation said you’re into deep. I stood at the entrance trying to understand how had I get myself in such a mess. The settlement he requested I thought was another part of the test. He was asking for my skills, which I share with, but a few, I keep asking question not sure of what he knew, I know that this isn’t funny, I hate these type of games. Just as I was about to give in, he called out a different name, Damn Man, that is not me
  10. Curves touched pressed into mine, your hand slowly moving along the arch of my spine. A tiny gap appears between my thighs, a twist of my lips; it is a glimpse of moments that have you asking why. A pair of large breast pointed up toward the sky, silk wrapped mounds are the reflection of my hips in your eyes. Caressing the back of the neck, the tasting of earlobes are a thought to reflect. Exploring the essence of the whine as it create its own lyrics begging to not be alone, Tongues intertwine to dance in one place as your hand venture into my secret space where the tune of my movements are as whimpers in the dark where the shadow of the moon tap the clit and the heart. Climactic explosions of melodies made are the twirling of two areolas as the nipples displayed. Pulling up on the waist as the body collides. The flinch to the jerk is the strike of ecstasy’s mind. then the spirit so provoked as to spin in space and the mind body and soul race back to that place where delights has them all begging for more. Yet, the thoughts of the moment repeating its self keeps them unsure. Did it happen? Was this foreplay real? Did you make love to my mind? it was so surreal. This was my thoughts at just hello, makes a girl step back to consider for him how far she will go. You had me at hello.
  11. When we can compare oranges to apples we can rightfully compare women to men and it's not bad for women. The problem began when women not knowing her role tried to step into his role. Women seek men stronger physically, but to compliment the man she maybe wiser it is how we even one another out. It one of the mysteries women are trying to figure out. Honor Your Wife as the Weaker Vessel 1 Peter 3:7, Part 2
  12. Ldvirtue


    Submissive women first submit to God. When you belong to God and understand the concept of submission, it is easy because when you submit to your husbands you are submitting hopefully to the God in him, and you continue to walk in submission because of the God in you. You do not allow the world to alter your flow. Your movement is your truth and the truth tells the world who you are and ultimately who you belong to and that in and of itself helps you understand how deep submission goes. I move as the Queen, God made me to be, no matter how my King elects to step. I do this because I as a Queen knows how much he needs me. I stay in my lane and ask God to order my steps so my King a SON of the most high understands that my commitment is unmistakably concrete, unwavering, tangible and secure. Therefore, if you truly are walking in your feminine style you understand that to serve a man with a smile is just how we move. It be description is part of a woman’s allure He isn’t stronger than the God that I serve so he isn’t changing me. I serve him because it is who I am and I enjoy the woman God intended me to be. It's about whom we serve. My man, a son of God, represents my God, and doesn’t even understand why. Yet I know that submissive is what God called me to be. The example of what he requires of me. I want to be obedient. I submit to him because God’s word is my truth. So even if the man is not deserving in my mind God will always be deserving in my heart and I will always be true to God The weaker vessel
  13. The bible says females are the weaker vessel. My husband is 6'3, big dude. Yes at 5’6, I am weaker in many ways. I submit to his needs because I love him. I love all of him. His ups downs and side way exchanges. I love this man. So let me put this out there so you can understand. See I am his coach. He is my quarterback. I got his playbook. I stand on the sideline, Stepping up to the field when needed, but in the safety of the secure locker room that tackle is on me, or on that field in practice we run those plays. I am just as important but I am not getting on that field. I am his cheerleader when needed I am the one that will tighten his gears. I always and forever am watching his back. Just because I will not always be seen, what is important is he knows, where I am at. I will pull him off the field in the mist of the game in my submissive way. I do not have to say a word, one raised eyebrow and I can break this man down, it will not make a move unless I have had my say. There is an art to it all, and submission has its place. He is my head but I own his heart. Being submissive is learning to play with submission as the God like deity that makes real femininity a true work of art. Do not get it twist doors are opened. I walk on the inside of the street. He pulls out chairs and orders when we eat. He is my man. My king, the man I adore and if stroking his ego makes him smile, I will do it in front of the entire world. Being submissive doesn't make you weak. It allow boys to become man that girl’s mommas want to meet. They have a responsibility just as we do. Yet his responsibility has little to do with you. It takes pure strength to do what God tells you too. This direction comes from God and yet stands true.
  14. Ldvirtue


    Movement, The stride, the ride, the existence of the curvature of the spine. The dip, the crawl, the spin into the slide. The catch right before the fall, tossing the world to tumble into the trap, where the spin is the ending to the dance as the eyes bounce and the fingers curl and the tips of the toes are a gift to the world. The box trot that takes the tap, as jazz became each man’s picks of how she would describe her wish, which is where he found her standing at. The clap of hands, the bending of backs, the swirl into the sambo, a frontal attack. The jumping jacks while the melody unfolds and all engage in the poetic movement both young and old. The flexing of knees, extending of arms, touching of elbows while setting off alarms. No foul, no harm, no siting it out, in the movement the wallflower is not allowed. The elegance in the eyes of the silhouettes song where partners are graceful and oblivious to the perils of the rights that can go tenderly go wrong. The two step into the floss of time where rock was the music that settled young minds. The blues and rap where stripping thoughts away in the vibrant description that ease stressful day. The lifting of skirts and dropping of pants. The mambo a soulful movement designed to entrance. The bounce before we ignore caution as we play, because it’s in the movement we stay living and to be alive is the movements we make every day. Keep moving.
  15. Ldvirtue


    Fire Passion Heat. Coal, the doorway to the soul It only takes one match to ignites an infernos glow What is done is done to reach the fanatical domicile that fear controls What is left behind but ash like cinders that embrace the wind as it blows to and fro Kindling the energy that fuels and intensifies. Dry resources the catalyst that leave nothing to compromise. Yet it is essential to contain the flames that blazes red dancing blue and gold in contrast to the jumping embers Yes there is beautiful in the mist of the scorch as it lay waste to unopened gifts that are the hangman’s noose called out as remorse Caution made friends with a destructive moment where the burn left eternal marks as evidence that cleanse the smoke cloud filled by memories that took the flicker by surprise Harmless is distant when escape is the seat that captivates with allure as the destructive purge that is the melody of the scald that had he mesmerized. The heat came only to wake she up, the choke from the smoke was but a signal to his dreams to please stand up. The cravings are courage-burning sleep to the ground and the spirit came to filter out doubt, your visions are calling you out, it is amidst the burn that the diamond is actually brought out. Fire
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