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    Time is running into time. I am not sure if it is running in or out. I know It is moving as I am trying to get in but I think it is trying to leave me. Flashes of light pass me by, we sit quietly on the side lines trying to be polite. We think about the run but we fear the fight, and quite frankly we must understand that somethings are worth fighting for, and sometime we just need to face the fact that there is too much damage to repair and too much hurt to ignore. Gluttons for punishment, we describe what we see when we return to the scars barely able to breath, exhale, rapid breathing till your pale in the face, nowhere to run because time left you, you can’t win the race against time, she invited you, warned you, said keep up the pace, but you alas thought the short cut would give you the advantage today, but time and today have never been friends, time leaves day when the night begins, she doesn’t seem to stop to greet any of them, she just keeps moving with laughter as each moment ends. Time, hey time can I come to, I yelled why’d you invite me on this journey with you, and I guess it was to learn not to be so serious with time, it’s constant but there are instances that you have to get past that fine line, that fine line that has you questioning how long she’ll stay, has you reviewing regret, has you searching when you just need to pray, Time please slow down I beg these days, and when I was young I wasted you so, not weighting the cost and you don’t loop around for anyone once you’ve move pasted the moment the chance has been lost, and taking for granted something you think you have, something you can’t see but you can feel as it goes past, an essence that at time seems a friend but at others an enemy to the very end, time can be caution and sneak right in and other time it moves like the wind, a gust, a storm, a cloud moving in laughter like thunder and silence like the whispers that flicker in the embers of fire, time described for a journey to begin, Time I am ready Please let me in! I will be on Time…….. Prayed up
  2. Ldvirtue

    The Goddess

    Created in the image of he that created all The Goddess or deity stands in heaven’s halls, Making her way into places many fear to go, Her desire for knowledge surpasses excellence, While her story remains untold Her experience is apparent, it is found in every facial fold, Her beauty defines her fortitude; your future is her Goal To see tomorrow’s child and watch their dreams unfold To understand the fight yet venture past the obviously unknown The Goddess is the spirit that mothers from afar, Who lifts the broken hearted and with love helps us to embrace the scars. She is in essence that voice that says it is okay, she allows us to breathe, she sees each of us as special, this just seems to be her way. She is the smile, the butterfly, the call from an old friend, the encouragement that we needed to press pass what we deemed the end. She is that gentle touch of God, the directions in the dark, she watches from afar, but resides in every heart. She is as divinity, one that cannot be explained, so she is titled the Goddess but she goes by many names, some will call her mother, others see a friend many see a soldier, her names have no end, her attribute can be found in Proverbs 31, she as the deity is the wish each mother has for a son. Created in the image of he that created all, the Goddess or deity stands in heaven’s halls. Making her way into places many fear to go. Her desire for knowledge surpasses excellence. While her story remains untold. Genesis 1: 26 And God said let us make man in our image. Let them have Dominion over all (sickness, finance, relationship, ect, ect. Ect) 27: So God created man in his own image, in the of God created he him, male and female he created them, (We are products of he that created us, but how often we forget)
  3. Ldvirtue

    It's you

    Don't judge her, So many think they want to be me, I just want God to free me, because none of them really sees me, or they would believe in a enemy, and when you look at me what do you really see, do you see a stranger, I feel so much anger, it was caused by a decision gone bad. I thought it was a thing I needed to have, now I just feel sad. because it's all gone really bad, I tried to maneuver around it but nothing was clear in my mine then, she wasn't looking at me, she was searching for a friend then, she heard my heart hit the ground but she never even turned around, I was shouting real loud, I am here, but she lost me in the crowd, looking for the face in the mirror, the painted on smile of a girl who learned to fake it when she was but a child, I didn't dare wake her dreaming, it was the only time she seen me, behind some rose stained glasses, but she still walked passed me and a man in a heap lay dead on the street, the pile as my pain as he died in his shame, no one wants to know them. A toe tag is all that will own them, they fell in the battle, no illusions, no castle. just dripping and whaling, as we pray in our telling of choices gone wrong and promises dying, she still doesn't know me, the door open for me, my escape in the morning was the hope that tore me, would her children eat, or run in defeat, how can't you not know her, you coddled and clothed her, she called in tears when you dumped your fears here, you lay scared here, you spent some years here, but the eyes have changed with the price of fame, it happened when everyone forgot your name, you pick up the pieces begging God please release us, not contemplating the reason they gate us, communities jaded by demented minds, where they use the bars of sadness to do us harm, all because you can't see me, but you really want to be me, but without the struggle or pain but you still want the gain, you want the ride and castle the king and no hassle, you want to fore go the welfare line but no work, or food, you only think you'd be fine, you are not fine, you are not okay, see me a pile on the street, the crack head, or babies momma screaming can the children eat, don't walk pass me again, once a friend, luncheons , then the dope, drinking to cope, can you see me now, no new car or house in the sky, please tell me where was your pride, no hoe you died when you denied me, I can't believe you tried me, you shut your eyes when I walked by, a hasty decisions caused a head on collision, collateral damage, my heart hit the floor, no love at my door, just disgust at my selection, but when looking in the mirror girl it's your reflection, do you see me now, it's you,
  4. I am very disappointed in what women have subjected them too, what we as a gender consider tolerable, it’s in every encounter, in the very way that we move. It disgust me, leaves a foul taste in my mouth, because what they have done is neglected the truth, forgotten what doesn’t change is the so called golden rules, we are caught up and off by lies and deceit, by thinking it takes a man for a woman to be complete, and I have said it before and I will say again, you don’t have to lower your standard or be a beneficial friend, Friends with benefits, it’s not conducive to the plan, he’ll fall short from his responsibility if you don’t require him to stand, Why do you need him to determine your worth, you were placed a solid spirit beautiful at birth, Why does the way he sees you make it okay, for you think or speak or move a certain way, you see we are powerful in our purpose and simply by design, created to help men find the strength to climb, to grow, to build, to set spirits free, we give them the joy that comes with their need, Their need for us, the air that they breathe, our definitive goal is to help them achieve, be the miracle that add detail to all they believe, we pick them up when they tumble, not to critique their progress, accepting they’ll stumble, and out into reality we send them again, so they realize some days we lose and others days we win, we move apart but together as one, like the melody and words or the rising of the sun, it’s the melding of spirits that make separate okay, that allow two complete aura to blend in a perfect way, but women that forget and lose that unique twist disappear in the loudness , where the essence of a wife fails to exist, not there in the dark where they tolerate pain, where they lose what they believe to become a statistic in the game, where left becomes right and right is wrong and confusion is the vice that keeps her running into the disappointment, it’s yet another man’s arms, because he told her she couldn’t breathe without him when the fact of the matter is without her he cannot win he can’t embrace his future, he can’t wake to a dream, he was wandering a mist the madness, there is no king without a queen, she solidified his purpose, gave meaning to his plan, listened to his desires, so he would understand that he was not alone and never had to be, equal but unequal, This knowledge will set us free but not today, there is a struggle going on, purpose is not learned and woman tolerate what is wrong, so can we return to our purpose, can that be the plan, can we be responsible and until we find that worthy one who will move within GOD’s plan
  5. Ldvirtue

    Get up

    Hello world, I am here, it may not be significant to you, but it means the world to some, in spite of the dim sunrise my smile is attempting to be on display, We all should get up and at the least feel that way, there are arms waiting for us all, even when it does not appear that we are important to anyone, the truth we are more than important to someone because everyone is linked in one fashion or another, we are connected in a stare glare smile, or swear, we impact one another, we affect each other, we matter, we are important precious divine one of a kind gifts of light, embarking on a darkness that needs our presence to have a purpose, seems strange, but strange is far from what we bring to the table, we feel transparent, like we can be looked threw, we desire at times to walk like tomorrow will disappear into yesterday, well my yesterday was not yours to dismiss, I see you even when you think your silhouette is large enough to hide your hue, I still see the beauty in you, your colors so filled with royal shades that they captivate to eyes that dare peer in your direction, your spirit contagious, your laughter so powerful its infectious, you are only limited by what you select to run from, I will not run
  6. I missed you, you were here and then gone, no one even saw you go, you didn’t wave, I just didn’t see those eyes anymore, and yes it was lonely, wondering what it was like to have someone like you, I felt like I think a piano would if some keys were missing, I could get threw some of the melody but a lot of it was messy, the keys didn’t flow right, I fought for the right tune, the correct tone, but with the origin of the stokes missing the melody changed, it was gone. It was rough, there are times I forget you, but I always at the same time knew you were missing, I heard myself asking questions to turn for an answer to almost hear you whisper as your silhouette faded into the sky, I was trapped on the other side of us fighting to get to that familiar place that I knew existed within me as child, I hear myself calling out your name in my sleep to wake to a hand that was empty, my strolls long and colorless where fraught with battles that I thought I had to fight alone, I was missing me in you because you made me think, we, us, two, but I was one, sister without a sister, looking and being blessed with sisters learning that no sister can be a sister within a sisterhood without the strength of her sisters, I want to hear those songs again, the ones that sounded so out of tune when you were no more than a memory, I want that melody, those walks and talks, and sleep overs and moments, I want to move forward, because at some point I think I stopped, hoping I did find you, hoping you’d catch up, hoping you see me walking past a store and notice my movements and remember and say to yourself in that childlike voice I remember her, I had a sister like her, she was one of my first friends, my first confidants, she played in my hair and took my dolls, we colored and danced and fought our brothers and dare them to tell if they hit us back, I pray for you always, hoping you’d run up behind me and pull my skirt tale just to look into those eyes again, what moments I have lost, what moments I have missed, what a different world I would know, if I had gotten the opportunity to watch this little sister grow, sorry it took so long, but today is now and we get to move on. So what, to my sister that have keep me sane for you, who have held me up when there was nothing I could do, I thank you all and ask you to continue to be the best, yes you are the very best part of me, the voices, that help me make the choices to live life not allow life to live me, I love all my sister and pray I could be as good a sister as some of you have chosen to be. It took 30 years to find my sister
  7. One body, One individual, breaking off into many pieces all flowing in different directions, Each of us represent a different choice made, and to think there are just that many choices, There is one end for us all where we return to the beginning. Imagine one man, and each part of him walking away, knowing what they desire with no real plan, never thinking to look back, because every part thinks they understand. Picture the ocean in spite of the sea, never apart, one body, but the reality is every part is a separate drop. some rise into the sky, take flight embrace life. others breakaway to form ponds, rivers and lakes. More beauty in life may await them but they will make so many mistakes. Mistakes made before they become that landscaped view, that so many in life will plan, even crave to flock too, and others will beat against the rocks fighting to live at all cost. Many will just sit at the shore, see life but refusing to exit the door, the possibility to unsure, with the promise of so much more. So many will travel for a while all alone, push against the flow, desire a place to be the energy that only the father knows. Some will be comfortable in the place that they find realizing that many drops fell so they could have this life. Some will dry up as they attempt to walk without him on land, while others will sacrifice and return to the original plan, which goes back to say, we all are one body that will walk on the land, representing the father, the one true (Great I am) Father..
  8. Ldvirtue

    Black Love

    Black love, Afrocentric love, I got you, unclear of who we are, but your aura got me stuck type love. That love that thumps you in the back of your neck while pulling at your nappy edge type love. That lace front removal, show you my real edges, I got my Vaseline and tennis shoes, pull off my hoops, type love. That pop off my nails, snatch of that ponytail, I am going to get you sucker type love. That tattoo of your face on my behind, I will risk it all to see you one more time type love. That throwing caution to the wind, ride or die, I need your smile type love. That loving hard, romantic is your arms type love, That dropping it like it’s hot, making it rain cash, type love. Black love, Afrocentric love, That love that is misunderstood, comes without warning, and should never be judged type love. They don’t know it when they see it, they can’t comprehend it, they get hooked when they try it, it’s additive, it’s worse than crack, both black women and men have died for it, to love black, while being black. It’s a proverbial notion because when we flow black, in black love, they fear our motion because we as solid black send fear threw the core of them that see the power in that black love, that educated, creative, magnificent, mysterious, beyond exceptional, I will surpass you in all things type love.
  9. do we blame Ford for the miss use of an automobile, we could start off by teaching our children how to use social media responsibly, how to formulate their own opinions, there are driving school, perhaps internet access should come with a license, the government polices it to a point, but should young minds not have limited access, we should hold the parents responsible, it starts at home. when a child get a gun we hold the parents responsible, the internet, television and music holds the same threats to impressionable minds, as a game of Russian roulette especially if parents aren't watching the activity, when a seven year old girl meets and old man on the playground and he abducts her, her parents are not involved, I am sorry, I am not saying all children or parents, we need to pay attention to the words of the songs they sing, or the content of what they watch, who are they calling, why are they calling anyone at 6 years old, can we go back to the good old days of climbing trees, jumping rope, they sit and play games getting larger and larger, where is the tic tac toe or dodge ball, it's not going anywhere I agree with that, but we can choice how we approach it. These things are tools, no more, no less, I have shared these people with my children, used a selection of these to uplift my girls, Jill Scott, India Arie, Angela Stone because I love my black brothers, Erika and Mary J. I taught them to love themselves with the words of Maya, and Truth was Sojourner Truth helped me pave the way. Obama gave my boys something to aspire to, but so did George Washington Carver and I would be honored to say they know a little of what he knew, W.C. Brown, Latimer stood in the mix of men, when we teach them who they are no one can stifle them, I taught them that the internet cannot replace their friends and social skills are practiced and engaging in conversation is an automatic win, they know that games are make believe and Television isn't real, Real house wives of Atlanta. Empire a poor selection of what is real, Rap is a choice, so be selective of what you hear, We are educated people every shade of brown and depending on your community the net is the only place that information can be found. I try to show my children, and I gave birth to 6, I have fostered 30 and let’s throw 17 grandkids in the mix, more or less, My Sons are future kings and my daughters Queens to be and that legacy all began with me, (Well my grandmother) my family ate together daily and the phones lay in a box, every electrical device in my house, yes they all got shut off, I shared this with my children, have been sharing it for years, this is how they see us, "Market for Ni$$as" - YouTube this is truth, he is really good, I hope you enjoy I am just saying the parents can do more, it really does begin with them..... they represent us (children) one more thing just went camping with 122 family members for a week, No phones, limted internet.
  10. The truth is more and more parents are not there, they are not present, they are not involved, they are not placing blocks in front of their 11 month old children, they are out attempting to buy things to baby sit them so they don't have too, for these children there are no hugs, their parents are not present to select the television programing or show them the off switch on the computer, we have all these internet bullies, Social media is being misused so of course we will see an impact on society, old folks unfriending old folks fighting via the net, no one takes responsibility, I mean most, not all black folks give privacy to a child until they can pay for their own privacy, there is no way my boys could have had a room full of guns, really. And these games have warnings, we have children killing children because the game resets, well the brother or sister they played with didn't reset, and more girls would turn off the computer, block, I mean block is a selection on Facebook twitter Instagram, likes determine your worth, and how many people have killed on Facebook live, I am sick of everyone blaming one another, and no Trump isn't helping by any means, I was kind of glad to know who my neighbors truly where, Trump brought out all those that smile in your face and truly because your skin is a tad bit darker hate your existence, We needed to know who's business to band from our black dollar, acknowledgment is the education that we need, So again I affirm that the majority of hate stems from poor upbringing, Parents not being present let alone involved, an engrained is a far assumption for me as several cultures contribute to my genetic makeup, We as parents need to be involved, we need to speak with our children not talk at them, ask them questions, view there internet activity, know their friends, Work is there, but I work so I can enjoy them, I refuse to make it more important than them. Realistically some parents are doing the best that they can but Society wins again, we promote dope, loose women and men, we marginalize sin and we glamorize death, we as people of color. While more us are attempting to reach down there are those that our girls attempt to mimic and our boys idolize, yes white America is terroristic, it doesnt concern themselves with our race, we must learn to love ourselves, no it wasn’t okay but I hate Walmart any way, and looking at the larger picture is if the sister was dating outside her culture where was the brother during her upbringing. Love is greater than hate, the school boys hate themselves, they shot of a school of their own, some of us are just angry. And who we blame if Obama was yet in office? These where two hateful boys and I hope it opens eyes, can we look past pointing fingers and really look at the issue, Trump is just a distraction.
  11. How would you explain our black Republican. There are Republicans of all cultures. How do we justify there decision,
  12. Ldvirtue

    I want

    I want to step into his presence like a pair of slacks, be wrapped in his grace like a leather jacket, I desire to bathe in his spirit, I want to feel his support like one of my best bras, I want to dine with him at the best restaurants and dance with him till the sun comes up, I want to sit and talk with him for hours, and walk with him along the shore as the sun goes down, I want to taste him in my morning coffee and feel him in the twilight hours. Good Morning God thank you for loving me, and those that make up my tapestry. Today do you know how you want to intertwine your day with Jesus, I need the door to open, there is no way to the father but threw the Son, he won’t stand outside any longer, I want his presence, his light, my house has been dark far too long, it is amazing what you can find when the lights come on, the beauty, yes my house is beautiful but is it hard to embrace the beauty when life has you so frightened that you can’t see, I will walk in his promises for me, I will walk in his love, covered by his grace fully directed in his word ready to fulfill my purpose….. Walk with me.
  13. Ldvirtue


    I wear my scars like badges of honor, life tried to knock me out, but I got better, I can say I am proud of the woman that I am, My trials have made me sensitive to the needs of others and I can honestly say that this is my testimony, yes I wonder at times who I would be without life kicking on me with my permission, I have asked those that selected to make me part of their bad choices why, then I realize without the night the sun in the day doesn't seem to shine so bright, I am so sick of the me too generation, my desire is to be a part of the I got knocked down, tucked, rolled and continued to run generation, I understand the pain of most women, I will admit that is what makes me excel, and I love me, some me, I in all that I have concurred come to the realization that I am stronger for surviving then most, but I am far from the only one with a story like mine, I just glorify God because he allows me to move about the world without blinders, eyes wide open, because of my shattered child hood I learned to paint and write and that everything including myself is a work of art. I learn to express myself with the spoken word and I never take anything for granted, I feel every day is a celebration, I think we just need to choice what to celebrate and it shouldn’t be a difficult choice, you got to put your feet on the floor under your very own steam, that is good enough for me. I have 17 grandkids living 6 children that are not attempting to peer through prison walls, I understand what it is to be a afraid as well as what is to be brave even if the bravery is an act. Thank you sir but I am beyond a miracle and I tell bits of my story because they prove exactly that.
  14. Ldvirtue


    I am a survivor, I Love HIM, (GOD) I have survived molestation by more than one family member I have virtually been on my own since my 16th birthday, got a piece of education and employment that pays more than my bills I have suffered my daughter being raped by the same man twice, climbing through her window before she turned 13 and a year later at the start of her 14th year, they caught him before she was 25, but he had already raped a lot more girls by then, he is currently serving a 300 year sentence in the state of Oklahoma. An no I didn’t know him but at that time that was my greatest fear I have flipped in a car, rolled over in a car, spun and hydro planed in a car to walk away from all these accidents which where no fault of mine with no more than a few bruised bones The first man I married was extremely abusive both physically and mentally, it got so bad that he would take my shoes clothes and every phone in the house to work in the trunk of his car. God bless him I pray I have children with him so I pray for him every day. I have had my children taken by CPS to fight California’s judicial system which is designed to force people of color into slavery through incarceration to have my children returned and to win my case. The 2nd man I married left me and killed his first wife and is currently doing 40 years to life in a California prison. I raised 6 children, alone by this world’s standards not one today is in Prison or on Drugs (and yes for those that are wondering Jesus was (is) there). My nephew was killed in a drive by on my oldest daughter’s 27th birthday I have been at deaths door more than a few times. I have been the victim of harassment at work, I have been told most of my life I am ugly, stupid and was even told at one point that there are those that wished I had never been born. I lived in a drug house or two, but my children are more important than the things the world would try to expose us too I have survived welfare, I have survived so much more, the list is endless. There are so many times I wish to opt out of life, So many have told me year after year that God has no love for me. Up until this very day. I have been told that God doesn’t know me, but I know he has kept me for a purpose in spite of what they say. It is scary that without thinking they would speak death on me in such a way, but being who I am I can only fall to my knees and pray. What I do now is limit what I expose myself to because these are but a few of the things that God has brought me through, I mean think about it, my walk is not yours, we are on two different paths, mine no more or less important than yours. But I would never say God has no purpose for you in his plan, his word speaks to everyone that loves the great I am, It speaks to the believer even when it is hard to understand, to grasp the reason I view it plain, when what you see is angles, we just don’t see it the same, he sees peaks and valleys and I see a great terrain, it doesn’t make either wrong, we are looking from different directions, it’s really not that strange, I can see your point of view no judgement in my eyes, I am just tired of this world where there is not compromise, I can hate your sin without harming you, I can come in the Name of Jesus because in spite of what you think I know he loves me too. God love me, and he Loves you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. The real business
  15. This is an opportunity to be heard, the power of spoken word, to evoke creative minds to shine, it is for some the only chance you have to speak your mind, we are pushing one another down, walking across bodies, making martyrs of children, not speaking up, whispering shame in the dark, afraid to embrace an opinion that comes from the heart, was it okay so long go to say what you meant, now you face book or tweet trampling their innocence, you name use homophobic if we can’t rationalize your choice to embrace the face that God gave you, but in reality he is the only one that can save you, some dark place where privacy is not valued, makes it okay to be disrespectful out loud, to push your immorality out in the crowd, but you get disgusted with us, because the truth has been disembogued, you walk a road not anticipating the effects of it all, and then place blame, making it not your fault, you made fear your very best friend, when you changed the words of God but refuse to step up and take responsibility for the condition the world is in, control is an illusion created to trap the ones that refuse to turn around, and pull those up that fell by the way, not knowing that the words you seek are a prayer away, I am not here to write in the sand, I can’t judge you, that was not God’s plan, I am here to let you know that things are far from right, most of us spiritually know wrong from right, and while I ‘don’t condone the choices you make, we will all stand before the king in judgment someday, and I will say I told them the truth, if that is all I ever do, and I will still love you even if you go astray, your choices in life aren’t mine to contemplate, I walk a fine line just like you, and no matter the choice, you have to live with what you do, you will throw rocks at the house made of glass, it’s not that you do not know who he is, but you selected to pass, because we all have choices to make, and very few of us can earnestly say we pray, that we ask for guidance before we move but when that struggle begins to feel like drowning we pick up God’s tools, otherwise we just make up life’s rules, accountability is a thing of the past, we don’t realize they died so we could live, but still we crash, Collide into one another, forgetting that she is my sister, he is my brother, we are not apart from another, your choices affect them and who they become, and they struggle because we have a point to prove where oneness is undone. We fail to realize we can’t move apart from the one, thought we try, a body adapts when under attack and falters and falls from the weight of all, it is a creative way to make sin appears as okay, to look at God’s plan and conduct ourselves any old way, So I sin when I set in silence as well, I sin when I attack you and damn you to hell, so all I can do is just say in the most sincere and loving way, that a sin is a sin, no matter the style, whether it be done in the dark, in the light it will tower, and he that sees it all will have the final word, and until that last breath we all must exist in this world, but understand this, to all that claim love, I am is watching us all from above, he directed us all as the ones that claim him to warn those who know better to step outside sin, but that didn’t included us hurting one another, love is louder than hatred and more powerful then thunder. So speak to them in Love (charity) So these three remain, Hope faith and Charity and Of these the greatest is Charity (love)
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