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  1. Do I kill you when I take your life? Or do I kill you when I still your future, These are tangible questions, that people of color ask every day. Is life lacking a future more than existence without breath, do we breathe when we are being choked out of a dream or a hope, because as we roam these roads that are paved with the blood of the colored individuals, we realize we have only learned to cope. We say we are free and equal, when freedom and equality are bridges that seldom meet, so many man made rules that were created to rule and decide my fate. Freedom was not ever free just check
  2. 1. Reading, understanding, knowledge acquired is not really knowing the magnitude of dreams not realized because the spark was put out, before the flicker could catch on fire. Be sympathetic to the appraisal that was born to ignite the desire’s eye, because there is a turning to reach the yearn of the creative thought that must fly. Your interpretation of my awareness will have you wondering why the lies, it was because my soar frightened those setting still, simply put they feared I’d pass them by. Looking down to contemplate
  3. Ldvirtue

    One Race

    Race there is but one, we all dwell here on this place we named earth, we all inhabit her nooks and crannies while she hurts, she cries out as she is being pulled apart at the seams as she is lost by the occupants that live as tenants of a population that fights a single dream, which is A single race of people is what we are, yet we battle for supremacy only inflicting pain, and the world bears the scars. We all are in pursuit of the same things like, our right to breath, we all have the same dreams, and we all have the selfsame needs, We need to be necessary and we need to be lov
  4. The Side effects of living, there are more than words can convey. Living comes with so many unanswered questions. There are many things to say. Just to contemplate them all brings on monumental stress. The right to breath is a consequence in the moment you are born. We crawl walk and somehow begin to run, it is the hit or miss in life’s torrid tropic storms and I am not speaking to the crusade but to the description of the excursions aftermath. While I am observing the side effects then I ask myself am I prepared for any of that, so what is that; but loving, opening your mind, hoping for rea
  5. Commitment: Can I get you to make me a promise? Can I get you to see passed the undertaking of my hearts desires? I promise you love and devotion, which by today’s society is far from the norm. In becoming attentive to the needs of others, one can cause self-harm. My loyalty is more than the trust that I extent to the dedication called us. Faithfulness is the underdog of fidelity when adherence is no longer a must. My resolve said you are worth the time sacrificed, but do I take what is given at the cost of a life. We were supposed to walk as one, an allegiance stan
  6. John 15:13-16 13Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends. 14You are my friends if you do what I command. 15I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master's business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you. 16You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you so that you might go and bear fruit-fruit that will last-and so that whatever you ask in my name the Father will give you. The world will slow down today for a moment, will we listen to
  7. Feed the children. Put them to bed. Cleaning often relaxes me. It stays clean for more than a few moments when they are sleeping. I Kiss those small heads. I then paint out my frustration with a glass of wine, or write a bit of poetry to calm my mind. Perhaps plan my day knowing the kids and God have a say, Maybe cook a little. Or sit and in silence I pray. I take care of myself that's the bottom line. I give my self some real love, I make the time. Light a candle, seek direction and strength to push on, turn off all the distractions including the phone. I re
  8. I love you. What is it that you love about me?. The questions would continue until he understood that loving me comes with a whole lotta responsibility. It can't be a lie to any degree, was it WRITE after sex cause I've had men asking to marry me, okay so what do you love? is it the color of my soul, the contact of my characters or the fact that I have goals? Is it my large breast or my elegant finesse? Is it my knowledge of life or my hips and my thighs or do my lite Brown eyes have you mesmerize. Is it the sound of my voice as I whisper your name or are you caught up and just tired of the si
  9. Ldvirtue


    Balance, the yin and the yang, two equal parts, different yet same, value and worth, caution without pain, to be uneasy and alarmed, proud and shamed. The conundrum that describes the strange, that gives names to the nameless that are showered with fame. The walk to the crawl and backs become fronts and no one is turning around but the mystery lost in the moment becomes so profound. Identical places that set back to back. The coin toss that has tails looking up while the head was once at. The falling of rain and raising of sand. The coarseness of water as it sits on the ground. The nature flow
  10. Ldvirtue

    The door

    The door: it only looks like an entrance, but when it is examined, it is so much more. We use the door for so many things, it is a way of escape depending on the direction it swings. It is a pendulum that can be blown opened or closed. It has duel purposes when we consider should it be opened or closed. The door is the way many come in. we invite them, to enter where a conversation can begin and in the same breath we tell them to leave but the intent of the direction is decided by the perception believed. The exit sign sets just up above but is never noticed when we enter i
  11. Perception, it is not a matter of what you see in your mind. It is not what your eyes witness that make perception a reality. We see things all the time refusing to believe our lying eyes, our minds make us give our thoughts permission to compromise. Perception is based on experiences whether good or bad, it is about what we are taught and often more than not our parents where working with the best they had. It is hard to consider as the children we once where that others would impact the way we learn to view the world. There are those that come along to challenge what you believe because know
  12. there is no indication of where she picked up this behavior, she is racist because of her chose of action but who is to say she didn't pick up this idealism in school or family, you are jumping to conclusion without fact. not must people weather they believe or not or even white. So many are full of hate of all cultures, we can not omit ourselves from the self hate we have as a people. the bitterness and confusion about who we are. A lot of the choices of the generations we have parented are showing as a people we are at best ignorant, they watch the real Housewives of Atlanta and Basket
  13. I am not your friend. I am not here to please you. I am here to help shape you. It is my job to help you become a worthwhile part of society one day. So no I am not here to without merit to daily praise you. No, I don't have to play with you and as you get older the meaner I will seem so thank you, the fact that you are upset with me is a accolade you see. Your complaining is actually a compliment to me, so you know I am not a genie in a bottle and your wish is not my every command. I know when you have children you’ll better understand. So please don’t get it twisted I know you didn’t ask to
  14. Depending on her age: It is quite normal for girls to like girls more than boys. People it's normal. To you who were born little girls, you should remember that. Okay so. The problem is when parents over react. The other problem is when we don’t tell girls that sisters, women we trust, grandmas, mothers, cousin, with woman we love there are simply lines we do not cross, the perversion comes when we cross that line and it’s in that very moment that God’s intent is lost. All women should know that the strongest bonds we will ever create will come from other females.
  15. It’s not about what they have when you meet them, It’s about what you can motivate them to be. Some others, a partner will do what is needed to keep them but that can't begin till we start, Some just need a glimpse of what can be and income and potential are true enemies. No, I ain't down for a mate that can't or won't pull his weight, but let’s keep it real, How many others really know how to elevate? I mean help others meet their goals. Help another excel no matter how old. How much doubt does it take to crush dreams? How many females are meeting
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