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  1. When we can compare oranges to apples we can rightfully compare women to men and it's not bad for women. The problem began when women not knowing her role tried to step into his role. Women seek men stronger physically, but to compliment the man she maybe wiser it is how we even one another out. It one of the mysteries women are trying to figure out. Honor Your Wife as the Weaker Vessel 1 Peter 3:7, Part 2
  2. Ldvirtue


    Submissive women first submit to God. When you belong to God and understand the concept of submission, it is easy because when you submit to your husbands you are submitting hopefully to the God in him, and you continue to walk in submission because of the God in you. You do not allow the world to alter your flow. Your movement is your truth and the truth tells the world who you are and ultimately who you belong to and that in and of itself helps you understand how deep submission goes. I move as the Queen, God made me to be, no matter how my King elects to step. I do this because I as a Queen knows how much he needs me. I stay in my lane and ask God to order my steps so my King a SON of the most high understands that my commitment is unmistakably concrete, unwavering, tangible and secure. Therefore, if you truly are walking in your feminine style you understand that to serve a man with a smile is just how we move. It be description is part of a woman’s allure He isn’t stronger than the God that I serve so he isn’t changing me. I serve him because it is who I am and I enjoy the woman God intended me to be. It's about whom we serve. My man, a son of God, represents my God, and doesn’t even understand why. Yet I know that submissive is what God called me to be. The example of what he requires of me. I want to be obedient. I submit to him because God’s word is my truth. So even if the man is not deserving in my mind God will always be deserving in my heart and I will always be true to God The weaker vessel
  3. The bible says females are the weaker vessel. My husband is 6'3, big dude. Yes at 5’6, I am weaker in many ways. I submit to his needs because I love him. I love all of him. His ups downs and side way exchanges. I love this man. So let me put this out there so you can understand. See I am his coach. He is my quarterback. I got his playbook. I stand on the sideline, Stepping up to the field when needed, but in the safety of the secure locker room that tackle is on me, or on that field in practice we run those plays. I am just as important but I am not getting on that field. I am his cheerleader when needed I am the one that will tighten his gears. I always and forever am watching his back. Just because I will not always be seen, what is important is he knows, where I am at. I will pull him off the field in the mist of the game in my submissive way. I do not have to say a word, one raised eyebrow and I can break this man down, it will not make a move unless I have had my say. There is an art to it all, and submission has its place. He is my head but I own his heart. Being submissive is learning to play with submission as the God like deity that makes real femininity a true work of art. Do not get it twist doors are opened. I walk on the inside of the street. He pulls out chairs and orders when we eat. He is my man. My king, the man I adore and if stroking his ego makes him smile, I will do it in front of the entire world. Being submissive doesn't make you weak. It allow boys to become man that girl’s mommas want to meet. They have a responsibility just as we do. Yet his responsibility has little to do with you. It takes pure strength to do what God tells you too. This direction comes from God and yet stands true.
  4. Ldvirtue


    Movement, The stride, the ride, the existence of the curvature of the spine. The dip, the crawl, the spin into the slide. The catch right before the fall, tossing the world to tumble into the trap, where the spin is the ending to the dance as the eyes bounce and the fingers curl and the tips of the toes are a gift to the world. The box trot that takes the tap, as jazz became each man’s picks of how she would describe her wish, which is where he found her standing at. The clap of hands, the bending of backs, the swirl into the sambo, a frontal attack. The jumping jacks while the melody unfolds and all engage in the poetic movement both young and old. The flexing of knees, extending of arms, touching of elbows while setting off alarms. No foul, no harm, no siting it out, in the movement the wallflower is not allowed. The elegance in the eyes of the silhouettes song where partners are graceful and oblivious to the perils of the rights that can go tenderly go wrong. The two step into the floss of time where rock was the music that settled young minds. The blues and rap where stripping thoughts away in the vibrant description that ease stressful day. The lifting of skirts and dropping of pants. The mambo a soulful movement designed to entrance. The bounce before we ignore caution as we play, because it’s in the movement we stay living and to be alive is the movements we make every day. Keep moving.
  5. Ldvirtue


    Fire Passion Heat. Coal, the doorway to the soul It only takes one match to ignites an infernos glow What is done is done to reach the fanatical domicile that fear controls What is left behind but ash like cinders that embrace the wind as it blows to and fro Kindling the energy that fuels and intensifies. Dry resources the catalyst that leave nothing to compromise. Yet it is essential to contain the flames that blazes red dancing blue and gold in contrast to the jumping embers Yes there is beautiful in the mist of the scorch as it lay waste to unopened gifts that are the hangman’s noose called out as remorse Caution made friends with a destructive moment where the burn left eternal marks as evidence that cleanse the smoke cloud filled by memories that took the flicker by surprise Harmless is distant when escape is the seat that captivates with allure as the destructive purge that is the melody of the scald that had he mesmerized. The heat came only to wake she up, the choke from the smoke was but a signal to his dreams to please stand up. The cravings are courage-burning sleep to the ground and the spirit came to filter out doubt, your visions are calling you out, it is amidst the burn that the diamond is actually brought out. Fire
  6. Ldvirtue


    Removing me from we isn’t us anymore, Removing you from us isn’t I without you, Removing direction and knowing the destination is like pounding peanuts that never turn to butter, It is an unnatural state of existence where love is misspelled and misguided. Love is jaded on the other side of authenticity, where we pretend to be something less than the cataclysmic change of reality where ice burns down the systematic structure that removed me from us, Where you removed you from me and me isn’t I anymore, They removed thoughts of tomorrow where darkness over takes the light and dimmer is not the shadow as it stands alone, It is the door closed, the shades drawn, the light bulb broken, Therefore, if you remove the source of us you lose the validity of you You are we because we negate inclusion when we desire to be free What is freedom, is it the alone me or the alone you when we were not intended to be alone We were born to connect, To be at the least two Which is at the minimum me and you.
  7. She is mimicking what she see at home, she is be exposed to hatred from those she loves the most
  8. When I say I love you it is not to hear myself talking, when I say I love you it is a melody to my soul I don't need to Prevert I love you because loving you is what makes me whole. many think that because I love you. that I am attracted to your spirit. that I love your style. that I am tickled by your intellect. We should lessen our responsibility to God and that is the lie that has the world running wild. See I love women and I love men. I love everything that God created but God hates sin and I don't sleep with everyone I am attracted to. I was told by God to rightfully divide the words of truth and I'm not mad or angry but I'm sad because people don't know what to do, there is so much hate that when you finally feel what you think you've never had you want to quickly embrace it and you lose the intent and the purpose of Gods greatest creation. Then there is us those that knows what it means - no matter how it seems walk upright as queens and kings. there are those of us that aren't mad because you choose to turn your back on God. we're angry because you force what you do on us publicly and it's all a facade. It's not real, it's not truth and can be seen in the fact that you can't reproduce, you can't give life, there's no future in it, your decision is killing destroy and stealing but its your choice to stand at death's door, its not mine I'm not here to judge you but don't force on me your life. your life choices, your decisions, you're right to be cruel. see you Call Us hateful because we ask you to play by our rules. we don't as heterosexuals force our life choices on you but you walk around like it's ok when you do what you do and my children and my grandchildren are seeing you now and they don't understand there's no room to be proud. it's your business and that's what it should remain your business your claim to Shame but you want to be famous you want to stand proud but don't take my dignity I shouldn't have to say any of this out loud. you should know better. its private. its your choice. it's yours, not mine stop pushing it on us. let us be proud Allow us to sit back and shout loud I'm straight and I'm proud. many I love have taken that path but they respect who I am even though their choice make me sad. I love them in spite of whatever they do, but I don't want them promoting what I know in my heart is not true and I can sit and have dinner with them in a conversation can ensue but they don't force their selection. we respect the point of view. they don't walk in my home as anything but themselves because those that are truly doing in their heart what they feel they don't need to prove anything to the world because they are more then their sexuality or the choice in who they love. they might be misguided but God is the only way to know love. we are attracted to people that are similar to us, and the problem is that many confuse attraction for love. Search out God, and the rest will be added unto you.. it is remarkable what God can do. trust him. he has a mate for everyone and while people will be people and mistakes will be made the glory will go to God. these are testimonies so I'm not here to save you I'm just here to say please respect the heteralsexual. Let the movement begin so they understand the importance of living in a world where this would even be a conversation or debate can we all just let God in
  9. Just because I don’t tell you that I appreciate you every day, doesn’t mean I don’t Just because I don’t tap you, on your shoulder doesn’t mean you haven’t entered my mind, Just because I don’t call doesn’t mean I didn’t seriously mean to, I got caught up, weight down, side tracked, turned around, I got busy, and bombarded, I got lost in my chaotic world And the thoughts I had of you on that day and so many other days had me wanting to tap you on the shoulder, call to hear your voice or just have a moment that I could take to appreciate you, You are Important And I never want you to forget Have a blessed and prosperous day Peace and Love you
  10. Ldvirtue

    The beast

    Inner peace is a beast, her strength I don't understand, but I lift her up because she took my hand and sometimes when I'm in a slump her words are what lifts me up, she's my sister though she wasn't born in me I found her on some road and she became part of my tapestry, she became important because she made me important and even when I feel alone out here in this world on my own she understands what I'm going through because often she's going through something too I I know if I can find my way to her words it'll be okay, she says things to me that are true and that's not what many people do, she doesn't candy coat her words for me, she just tells me what I need and that's exactly what she sees. she's stronger than she even knows even though she walks with many woes and sometimes tears are in her eyes but her faith goes on, no compromise and I respect her for that because she is a friend, just like me she doesn't fake, it's reality, she doesn't just say what needs to be said, or try to protect my feelings, she encourges me to lift my head, because that's just her or at least that's her with me I appreciate who she is, and the way she lives, what she gives, the time she takes because she doesn't have to take the time to tell me that things will be fine. everyone says that to me and sometimes I can't believe even though we both go through we climb the mountain and find the truth. she takes the time, I appreciate her because she has her own problems but she listens and tells me what I need to know, i confide in her because I trust her, I trust the way she loves, how she lives and the lessons she has learned for me because I'm the sheltered and she has seen some things. I probably wouldn't ever see and I appreciate her, my Jen and juice, if I could have grown up with a sister I wish she could have been like you.......
  11. Ldvirtue

    Way to soon

    Kids kicked out the nest perhaps to soon so they are destine to be domed, A parents call in spite of it all being that I am far from an animal to attempt to help them avoid altogether the fall. So many of us had dreams cut short or fear the movement cause no one thought enough of us to cultivate our world beyond the enviable pain life applies. One lie, but we try, in spite the knock down we stand our ground, realizing that birthing a child doesn't make you a mother Loving them in their pain when in earnestness the need you show them an example that welcomes true peace, not self pity, not blame, You allow them to grow, not throw them to the wind because of something you think you know
  12. When did I lose my trust? in love?, in man?, in the state of the economy. It has never had any real love for me. It could never set me free. It is an illusion, better yet a falsity, not real to the ear, to hear, unclear, what you think, even unclear is how you place your trust in a man that does not understand or care, and then you a child of God complain unaware of the true state of affairs, The questions from God, is how? do you dare?, you dare to compare my love for you to anything that man can do, is it the righteous voices that you hear that are clear to your ear and conjure up fear? He had a plan a long time ago, long be for office, or officers, this is a thing that every child of God should know. Worry the cancer that would pollute the mind and you on pins and needles trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t even exist, if it is not in God mind why ever visit it! The gloom and doom of a nation gone mad, turning from bad to worse, it is so sad, for those who don’t know or have experienced his wrath, the influx of his measure pushed down running over, it’s for us who know him like an Irish man with a four leaf clover. I trust all he says and I look to the east because with the breath of his caring their panic will cease to be and they will see what it is that we have always known that to be a child of God is to know he controls it all from his heavenly throne, It is to know he is here, that he cares and share in all that we need, to stand in his shadow, to bathe in his grace, to trust him and honor that place that we stay, we are not longing or waiting for the next word that is said, We are living our lives, knees hitting the floor before bodies hit the bed We are thanking and praising the dawning of days because it is the calm before the storm that’s the time to pray, a lost art, which laid foundations, where families were governed by God, prayer bound past generation, salutation, coming and going in peace, incomplete until the old and young meet, dancing and singing, praying with one voice, we raised up as God came, it was in our suffering we learned to rejoice Now a new day and a new dream where we forget that he is still king, He is still listening for our praises, always promising with every thought brighter better days, where prayers go up and blessing come down and nations take their knees to the ground, where families are freed by the choices they make and rage becomes malice that leads past the hate, You know it is the things that we hate that lead to change, mothers against drunk driver sought another day and other groups have turn hurt into love, as simple as it seems it is the only way, to turn your ear to a word, seldom hear, but a thought none the less of God that promises only the best, lean he say on him and he make your path straight, take us past the place where the politicians play, he has got the future is what he has to say, like an echo in my heart I hear him speak to me, it is not what you gain that will set this world free, no this place does not have love for you and as I feed the birds how much more for you my child will I do, Now there are those that wonder if it will be okay, he says put your trust in him, he’s a sovereign God that way, he has you, yes he has got you, in him there is no need he will not meet, he will answer all you question if you listen you’ll hear him speak, slow down and listen to things his has to say, fear not my children, saying rest in me, I govern even when it seems they refuse to believe, nothing happens without his approval , nothing without his say, and if he allows it, it means it came to lift you up to brand new better place, according to his glory it all works for the good of those whose choice is to love him like each of us should, Now is the time to find him alone and stand on the promise that guarantee home a place we are safe and free to believe that the problems of a nation can be solved on our knees, The questions from God, is how? do you dare?, you dare to compare my love for you to anything that man can do, Worrying like the cancer that would pollute the mind and you on pins and needles trying to find a solution to a problem that doesn’t even exist, if it is not in my mind (God) mind why ever visit it!
  13. Ldvirtue


    Time is running into time. I am not sure if it is running in or out. I know It is moving as I am trying to get in but I think it is trying to leave me. Flashes of light pass me by, we sit quietly on the side lines trying to be polite. We think about the run but we fear the fight, and quite frankly we must understand that somethings are worth fighting for, and sometime we just need to face the fact that there is too much damage to repair and too much hurt to ignore. Gluttons for punishment, we describe what we see when we return to the scars barely able to breath, exhale, rapid breathing till your pale in the face, nowhere to run because time left you, you can’t win the race against time, she invited you, warned you, said keep up the pace, but you alas thought the short cut would give you the advantage today, but time and today have never been friends, time leaves day when the night begins, she doesn’t seem to stop to greet any of them, she just keeps moving with laughter as each moment ends. Time, hey time can I come to, I yelled why’d you invite me on this journey with you, and I guess it was to learn not to be so serious with time, it’s constant but there are instances that you have to get past that fine line, that fine line that has you questioning how long she’ll stay, has you reviewing regret, has you searching when you just need to pray, Time please slow down I beg these days, and when I was young I wasted you so, not weighting the cost and you don’t loop around for anyone once you’ve move pasted the moment the chance has been lost, and taking for granted something you think you have, something you can’t see but you can feel as it goes past, an essence that at time seems a friend but at others an enemy to the very end, time can be caution and sneak right in and other time it moves like the wind, a gust, a storm, a cloud moving in laughter like thunder and silence like the whispers that flicker in the embers of fire, time described for a journey to begin, Time I am ready Please let me in! I will be on Time…….. Prayed up
  14. Ldvirtue

    The Goddess

    Created in the image of he that created all The Goddess or deity stands in heaven’s halls, Making her way into places many fear to go, Her desire for knowledge surpasses excellence, While her story remains untold Her experience is apparent, it is found in every facial fold, Her beauty defines her fortitude; your future is her Goal To see tomorrow’s child and watch their dreams unfold To understand the fight yet venture past the obviously unknown The Goddess is the spirit that mothers from afar, Who lifts the broken hearted and with love helps us to embrace the scars. She is in essence that voice that says it is okay, she allows us to breathe, she sees each of us as special, this just seems to be her way. She is the smile, the butterfly, the call from an old friend, the encouragement that we needed to press pass what we deemed the end. She is that gentle touch of God, the directions in the dark, she watches from afar, but resides in every heart. She is as divinity, one that cannot be explained, so she is titled the Goddess but she goes by many names, some will call her mother, others see a friend many see a soldier, her names have no end, her attribute can be found in Proverbs 31, she as the deity is the wish each mother has for a son. Created in the image of he that created all, the Goddess or deity stands in heaven’s halls. Making her way into places many fear to go. Her desire for knowledge surpasses excellence. While her story remains untold. Genesis 1: 26 And God said let us make man in our image. Let them have Dominion over all (sickness, finance, relationship, ect, ect. Ect) 27: So God created man in his own image, in the of God created he him, male and female he created them, (We are products of he that created us, but how often we forget)
  15. Ldvirtue

    It's you

    Don't judge her, So many think they want to be me, I just want God to free me, because none of them really sees me, or they would believe in a enemy, and when you look at me what do you really see, do you see a stranger, I feel so much anger, it was caused by a decision gone bad. I thought it was a thing I needed to have, now I just feel sad. because it's all gone really bad, I tried to maneuver around it but nothing was clear in my mine then, she wasn't looking at me, she was searching for a friend then, she heard my heart hit the ground but she never even turned around, I was shouting real loud, I am here, but she lost me in the crowd, looking for the face in the mirror, the painted on smile of a girl who learned to fake it when she was but a child, I didn't dare wake her dreaming, it was the only time she seen me, behind some rose stained glasses, but she still walked passed me and a man in a heap lay dead on the street, the pile as my pain as he died in his shame, no one wants to know them. A toe tag is all that will own them, they fell in the battle, no illusions, no castle. just dripping and whaling, as we pray in our telling of choices gone wrong and promises dying, she still doesn't know me, the door open for me, my escape in the morning was the hope that tore me, would her children eat, or run in defeat, how can't you not know her, you coddled and clothed her, she called in tears when you dumped your fears here, you lay scared here, you spent some years here, but the eyes have changed with the price of fame, it happened when everyone forgot your name, you pick up the pieces begging God please release us, not contemplating the reason they gate us, communities jaded by demented minds, where they use the bars of sadness to do us harm, all because you can't see me, but you really want to be me, but without the struggle or pain but you still want the gain, you want the ride and castle the king and no hassle, you want to fore go the welfare line but no work, or food, you only think you'd be fine, you are not fine, you are not okay, see me a pile on the street, the crack head, or babies momma screaming can the children eat, don't walk pass me again, once a friend, luncheons , then the dope, drinking to cope, can you see me now, no new car or house in the sky, please tell me where was your pride, no hoe you died when you denied me, I can't believe you tried me, you shut your eyes when I walked by, a hasty decisions caused a head on collision, collateral damage, my heart hit the floor, no love at my door, just disgust at my selection, but when looking in the mirror girl it's your reflection, do you see me now, it's you,
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