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  1. Hello, I am requesting a review of a newly released novel: Title: Just My Luck ISBN:978-0-9985576-5-6 Authors: Lelia Coles & Rosilyn Seay Publication Date: June 10, 2021 Brief Synopsis: Antoinette and Tina, mother and daughter, are ultimately the victims of choices—those they make and those made by others that impact them. Antoinette’s promising future was derailed as the result of unconscionable betrayal by those she trusted. Because of what she went through, she promised to do everything she could to prevent her daughter, Tina, from becoming the victim she had been. But, just before Tina’s fourteenth birthday, Antoinette disappeared. Thirteen-year-old Tina was left alone, desperate, and vulnerable—in one of the roughest neighborhoods of the city. If not for sympathetic strangers coming to her rescue, Tina might not have survived adolescence. But, even with her protectors watching over her, Tina saw and experienced things that she wished she could forget. And that was only the beginning. “Just My Luck” is a unique urban coming of age story set in Richmond, Virginia. It is a realistic tale of adversity, resilience, love, murder, and hope. Not necessarily in that order.
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