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  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Brown Sugar Press Children’s Books Presents NEW Independent Title, The Bully Chronicles Written and illustrated by Troy Brown Raleigh, North Carolina, September 2019 - The Sketchbook Legends is a collection of short stories chronicling the perils of little Manny McCloud’s childhood living with bullies in everyday life at school and at home with his older sister Guppy. Each story demonstrates the challenges Manny is faced with while managing to expose a glimmer of light in the darkest human moments. “These stories will instill a sense of determination.” – Troy Brown The Bully Chronicles will be available on the BSP website. Available now in Paperback and later a Hardcover version. The paperback retails for $7.95 and the hardback will retail at $12.95. This book is great for Middle School Libraries and focuses on the YA Book Market (ages 11 and up). Contacts: Troy Brown Sherie L. Brown Brown Sugar Press Brown Sugar Press Tbrown130@yahoo.com sherielbrown@aol.com ABOUT TROY BROWN Troy Brown has released these titles after many years of experience illustrating and developing commercial work for clients with a story to tell. A professor of illustration for many years, finally he has released his own stories. The first stop for these titles is the Frankfort, Germany Book Fair. After sitting on the desks of major a publishing house it was time to develop and present his stories to the world. To learn more about Brown Sugar Press titles, please visit www.brownsugarpress.com. You can also follow BSP by liking us on Facebook and Twitter.
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