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  1. Synopsis She was hoping that this time she got it right. That this time she'd stay sober. After struggling with a two-year heroin addiction, Shia Sinclair decided to take back control over her life by admitting herself into rehab. With her traumatizing past forcing her religious beliefs to wither, the mention of God was cringeworthy at this point. Trust didn't come easy for her which took her for a spiral when she found herself growing fond of a former addict, Dallas Raye. The missing puzzle piece she was hoping could possibly mend her torn, battered soul. With Dallas Raye holding a two-year sobriety under his belt, he returned to the place that changed his life and provided him with a better outlook towards it as well. Dallas never thought he'd get rid of his alcohol demon that attached itself to him, in his most vulnerable state, after the tragic loss of his best friend. His strong desire to help others through their addictions drew him back to the rehab center where he stumbled across the beautiful firecracker, Shia. Normally, he wouldn't tolerate such feistiness from a female but it was something about her that demanded his undivided attention. That one force he knew God was behind, pushing him into Shia’s life just as much as she was being pushed into his. Will these two become each other’s kryptonite and find themselves more damaged than before, or in the midst of a love so beautiful that neither of them ever imagined being apart of? Title: He's Always Been Here Author: Blu Zaas ISBN13: 978-0692103951 Publication Date: April 21, 2018 Chapter 1 Preview Amazon
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