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  1. JOURNEY WITH AN OUTLAW HUSSEIN FATAL with NIKITA RENEE' https://www.amazon.com/JOURNEY-OUTLAW-HUSSEIN-FATAL-NIKITA-ebook/dp/B07ZBJBMXP/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=journey+with+an+outlaw%3A+hussein&qid=1572073521&sr=8-1 The highly anticipated biography of rapper Hussein Fatal, member of The OUTLAWZ. This compelling journey chronicles his early life to his rise to fame in the hip-hop industry.Hussein Fatal, AKA Bruce Washington, tells the story of his THUG life as one of Tupac Shakur's OUTLAWZ on Death Row Records. Fatal takes you on his journey from his childhood in Montclair, New Jersey to his exploits in Hollywood, CA as a famous Hip-Hop Rap artist. He shares his most intimate struggles of surviving poverty and all the consequences of choice.He lays out the whole East Coast vs West Coast drama during the MTV Awards, and how it touched so many lives with the deaths of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls. He also shares the heartbreaking story of the death of his friend, Yafeu Akiyele Fula, AKA Yaki Kadafi and how it changed his life.The THUG LIFE (The Hate You Give) moniker is the life he actually lived. This is a front row seat to the drama and chaos of fortune and fame in the rap music game. Fatal details how the music industry works and how navigated his success before and after joining Tupac and the OTLAWZ.So many people have a fixation with the world of rappers and hip-hop entertainers but do not have a clue to what really goes on in the industry. Fatal shares the story of an inner-city kid and the limited choices he had to survive in a harsh world, before and after making it big.
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