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  1. other than am*zon I have the ebook here on my imprint's website: https://purplecabbagebooks.com/product/white-minority/ Edit: Also on Google Play Books: https://play.google.com/store/books/details?id=_Y9JEAAAQBAJ
  2. I am interested in a book review. Name/Author's Name: Talia Clay Book's Title: White Minority ISBN13: 9781735336701 Publication Date: November 5, 2021 Synopsis: Afrofuturism meets dystopia in this social satire about a sixteen-year-old white girl chasing her dreams in a world that rejects her. Two hundred fifty years has passed since the AEXT-V4 pandemic killed off ninety-nine percent of the White American population. Sixteen-year-old Tansy is a descendant of the one percent, the American elite who survived the pandemic. She lives with her younger sister and grandfather in the rapidly decaying isolation domes her wealthy ancestors built to ensure their survival. Compared to the many other citizens of her township, Tansy lives an envied and privileged life. She’s a local celebrity, destined for a future as an actress in the American Bureau of Entertainment. She’s driven, calculating, and willing to take risks to get what she wants. She loves her life. When the opportunity comes to start anew and leave the domes for good, will Tansy choose to stay behind, or will she venture out into a world of unknowns, where rumors of an incurable disease and hostile people run rampant? What will that choice mean for her future—her career ambitions, family, and identity? Book Cover:
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