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  1. "A story about stories… the forgotten stories of those who were discarded for their imperfections." Feature Presentation: The Discards, 4 episode (limited) animated series Now Streaming: https://owshowe.com & https://www.197sk8.com Executive Producer: Wolfgang-Pocco Narrator: Madinah Slaise Distributor: MadPo Production Studio
  2. When citizens are dissatisfied with the sociopolitical climate, protest and civil disobedience traditionally ensues. Yet, the subjective experiences of activism ranges widely amongst various groups of change advocates, specifically disabled protesters within the Black community. Read more about "Protesting With Disabilities" on owshowe.com https://owshowe.com/2020/06/25/protesting-while-disabled/
  3. *Madinah here* @Troy - Roger. Also, you're correct.. "Your password reset request was successful. We have sent you an email with further instructions to recover your account. Check your email within the next few minutes including any junk or spam folders" - was not transmitted.
  4. When the lockdown haulted my region to a grind, I was consumed with news reports and deciphering propaganga from reality. The sureal nature of our existence prompted me to do the only thing that elicited a sense of calm admist the chaos. Write. Each day, I wrote about our evolution as a species from a socioeconomical perspective to the emergence of distance learning within the public school system. I searched databases at nauseam for photos and videos with people who looked like me, to share a tale of our new reality. You guys know my motis operandi by now, it's audio, video and everything in between. Regardless, the final chapter of the interactive novel comes equipt with a video companion that was scheduled to release 04 July 2020. Yet, in light of recent events, I have decided to share it now. Don't ask me how, because honestly I have no idea how the parallels between producing the video a few weeks past and recent events crossed. I was just writing and producing... I'm at owshowe.com. Where are you?
  5. Am I the only person who grows weary from writing? If my cartoon fingers click another letter on this keyboard... (sigh). Is it a vlog, a blog or perhaps everything in between? Can I have a true or false question instead? Regardless, this is something different and perhaps you will enjoy the ride. Cheers! No, not like how people casually say “cheers,” rather, nevermind... More creative content than a ‘lil bit (owshowe.com)
  6. I'm searching for black and brown voices to contribute short publications in the following fields of interest: Science, Technology, Education, Health Care, The Artstyle and Life Productivity I've created a safe space with an inherent fan base who have supported my projects for greater than three decades. I believe in sharing good content, typically G-Rated, with the intent to uplift and educate amidst a touch of laughter. If this sounds like your jam, please visit owshowe.com to get a feel for how content is presented on my website and send an email to owshowe@gmail.com for more information. Stay safe! ~ O.W.
  7. Dreamed, Written, Narrated, Composed & Produced by Us. (Trailer) "Guest Who?!" Episode 03 - C.E.Oh.
  8. Dreamed, Written, Narrated, Composed, Illustrated & Produced by Us. The Discards (Official Teaser)...
  9. BLUF What: An open call for voiceover actors/actresses to audition for a Christian audio series Who: All ages, gender, etc. How: It's really very simple! If you have a cell phone with a voice memo app, you can do this 😏 When: The series premieres 01 August 2020 (see brief synopsis below) To-Do: Interested or know someone who is? Send a quick email to owshowe@gmail.com for additional info Pay: Flat rate, if selected. This gig won't make you rich, but it could make you famous. 🎬 * * * Host O.W. invites audience members to guess the special guest during lively interview segments. “Guest Who?!” is a five episode Christian audio series that streams weekly (01-29 August 2020) exclusively on our official website and SoundCloud station.
  10. A few days past, while browsing through artifacts for Emergency Alert (vol II), I came across an old video that sent shivers down my spine. In celebration of the 2018 March Madness kickoff, my husband I dove headfirst into a creative rampage, vowing to produce thirty songs in thirty days, come heck or high water. Or, as my 'nana would say, "If the sun don't rise and the creek don't set." In hindsight, we ran ourselves ragged with the self-imposed deadline. Can you imagine starting each day anew with the looming task of developing audio AND video content before the clock strikes midnight? It was maddening, to say the least. Yet, amongst the pandemonium, I gained a sublime appreciation of the arts, literature, subjective creative journeys and sharing good content with the world. The process afforded free mental space where thoughts turned into words, which eventually evolved into scenes and ultimately new characters. I digress. We all have an origin story, although the players and environments often differ. My story began with a short manuscript and a grainy video of a cute puppet named Sam. I say, revisit your old projects, market them as bloopers, "never seen before" content or raw footage from an innovative genius (you)! We all have an origin story and this is mine.. Origin Source: (owshowe.com)
  11. I've been composing (and narrating) loads of content for our new, animated limited series entitled "The Discards," a four episode production that releases 04 July 2020. Breathing life into the characters with engaging soundtracks, colorful scenes and hilarious dialogue has been invigorating, albeit challenging. Writers, write and creatives, create. That's what WE do! What are YOU working on right now?!
  12. @Troy Compelling data, to say the least. Thank you for making time to share a behind the scenes glimpse of the industry for the AALBC audience. This information is truly shocking! 😳
  13. @ Troy The facts are indisputable, yet, I feel as though drawing a hard line in the sand to reshape the burgeoning status quo presents a robust challenge for a number of authors. From an independent publishing perspective, I made the choice to refrain from utilizing the Amz platform for a variety of reasons, to include tenets from your original post. However, what do you believe is a suitable compromise for creatives who wish to maximize monetary gain and/or audience reach while simultaneously supporting independent establishments? Great topic!
  14. I'm a big fan of beautifully crafted illustrations and a diverse cast of characters. The children dance off the pages, assisted by colorful graphics and an endearing message to get moving!
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