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  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Atlanta Nurse Launches Steamy Romance Novel on Amazon ATLANTA, GA (May 21, 2020- Fans of Romance novels are in for the ride of their life following the launch of the book, Men in My Bed: Relationship Chronicles, written by Atlanta Nurse, Mercuries Ryzen. Men in My Bed reflects on the author’s perception of intimate stories, either heard from family, friends or foes. The story begins with an introduction of the character and some of the ordeals she experiences at an early age. Ordeals that should have finished her; however, she somehow
  2. Best Selling Author Helping Others Fulfil their Publishing Dreams ATLANTA, GA (May 17, 2020) – Inspirational writing and Publishing Coach and Amazon Best Selling Author, Dr. Marita Kinney, is climbing the ladder of publishing success and bringing several other authors with her. Dr. Marita Kinney, Msc.D has over 58 inspirational fiction and non-fiction books to her credit and boasts some of the top selling books in the African American Christian fiction and Inspirational categories on Amazon. Some of her most popular titles include her debut book: The Unspoken Walk, Sasha, Gr
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