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  1. Yes, my apologies. Black Stoicism is a poetic way of clarifying the highest virtue. It's an attempt to expound on the in-depth range of emotions the Black community possesses. Other cultures' inability to see outside of their hatred and ignorance fuels their blindness and their empty-headed perspectives to view the Black community as immune to pain. Because of our determination and spirits, I attempt to clarify Stoicism's meaning by expanding on how the Black community re-shapes any terminology and language. The Black community endures much deeper emotional, physical, spiritual, and psychological agony; we provide new meaning to words and definitions. Being Black in the Black community is the highest virtue. Here is an excerpt. Endurance Purchased us for jail cells Purchased us for stem cells Purchased us for plant cells Sell us your addictions Sell us your deceptions Sell us your convictions Farewell to your blackmail Knock over your cocktail Staring at your marcel Say hello Black-owned businesses Say hello Black millionaires Say hello Educated black women Say hello First Black President Our journey is hell But we know our story Our souls refined We know how to feel Being Black is lovely Being Black is beautiful Being Black is joyful Being Black is amazing We are the definition Stoicism
  2. Hi Everyone. I recently published a book about mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual stoicism of the African diaspora. There are 65 poems/letters, describing experiences of resilience and wrestling with all elements of health, while showing admiration and respect to elders. I am interested in a book review. Black Stoicism Morris Junior ISBN: 9781098305192 April 2020 https://store.bookbaby.com/book/Black-Stoicism1
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