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  1. How about a thread about economic empowerment. I'll start. I am a real estate flipper, wholesaler and landlord and it is my passion to bring more of my people into real estate to create financial freedom for themselves. For those of you interested, I’ve put together a FREE weekly newsletter to help people get started. You can sign up now and get a a FREE copy of my WHOLESALING CHECKLIST: 8 Steps to Closing your 1st Deal: https://www.rocktherealestate.com. Or reach out to me via the site if you have any questions about real estate. Look forward to connecting with you.
  2. Houston, TX - Real estate entrepreneurs Lena Claybon and Kayela Ceron are looking to create a path to financial independence for more African-Americans via their new website, “Rock The Real Estate” (www.rocktherealestate.com) that helps new investors get started in real estate investing. “Rock The Real Estate was born out of our frustration with seeing so many people in our community suffering financially and not feeling they have any options other than a 9-5 job.” says Co-Founder and CEO, Lena Claybon. “Right now, with so many unemployed because of COVID19, that leaves them feeli
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