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  1. Hi everyone, Thank you for watching and sharing your view points. I really appreciate everyone's feedback and perspectives. I will use it as a guide for my next video. If you have any topic suggestions please let me know at info@Ourlegaci.com.
  2. Hello AALBC Family, I recently watched the documentary Dark Girls, that was featured on the OWN Network recently. The documentary addressed colorism issues in the Black community. I created my own reaction video including some interesting dialogue. Please check it out and tell me what you think.
  3. Black Bloggers Connect™ has teamed up with Codeblack Films to launch The “Free Angela” Blogging Contest. Codeblack Films is a division of Lionsgate Entertainment, distributor for the highly anticipated film, “Free Angela And All Political Prisoners”. The film, about the life of Angela Davis, was written and directed by award-winning filmmaker Shola Lynch. Free Angela is produced by Shola Lynch, Carole Lambert, Carine Ruszniewski and Sidra Smith. The film's executive producers are Jada Pinkett Smith with Overbrook Entertainment and Shawn “JAY Z” Carter's Roc Nation. Presented
  4. Thank you to all of the Black authors that published their press releases with National Black Pages. Check out some of the recent additions: Leukemia Took My Son- The Journey of a Brave Teen Named Woody and His Grieving Mother by Denise Sayles http://nationalblackpages.com/?p=1947 Generational Curses a novel by LD Hardy http://nationalblackpages.com/?p=1913 Makeda by Randall Robinson http://nationalblackpages.com/?p=1888 5 Reasons to Leave a Lover by Carolyn Moncel http://nationalblackpages.com/?p=1744 50 Years Later: Broken Ties Mended, author Melvin J. Collier ht
  5. Common speaks on his past relationship with Erykah Badu. Would you ever openly discuss a past relationship in a book? Is this necessary for growth or should it be avoided?
  6. The National Black Pages is currently publishing Black author press releases to promote the achievements of Black authors. If you have a press release or book synopsis that you would like published on NationalBlackPages.com, email us at info@NationalBlackPages.com. Please include a photo, info about where the book can be purchased and a link to your website.
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