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  1. A Stolen Election? (Garland Gregory, retired professor of political science, author of “The New Breed Reparations Sanctuary", a novel) A simple analysis shows that the claim of this election being “stolen” is a dishonest representation of the true sentiments of the protesters: 1) The defeated Confederacy (after the Civil War) committed itself to denying voting rights to African Americans no matter what level of intimidation and violence was necessary. 2) Dixie-Democrats of the 1970s began to abandon the Democratic Party because of its official support and interference with southern suppression of African American voting rights. 3) The Republican Party (especially during the 1980s) invited the former Dixie-Democrats into their fold and soon began to prioritize new tactics for African American voter suppression like gerrymandering, voter ID schemes, registration impediments, etc. 4) African American (and other) voter turnout for 2020 essentially nullified Republican efforts to suppress the vote (a strategy they have long cynically denied). And, as it is not PC to admit to a failed goal of voter suppression, protesters have turned to the convenient and dishonest “voter fraud” mantra to explain and justify their outrage. Bottom Line: THE STOLEN ELECTION CLAIM IS PRETENSE. MOST TRULY KNOW THAT THE ELECTION WAS NOT STOLEN. THE BROADER CONSERVATIVE WORLDVIEW IS THAT AFRICAN AMERICANS ARE NOT ENTITLED TO POLITICAL POWER, and that GOD said so.
  2. My approach, unfortunately, typically applies to only college level or high school honors classroom curriculums. A primary reason why most citizens are greatly lacking in knowledge (as surveys reveal) about the essentials of government structure and political manipulation is because too much emphasis is placed on covering current events (with little "political science" context) and on historical memorization exercises (as names and dates are easier to teach and grade) rather than thinking exercises. The dismay and confusion around Trump's presidency have possibly prompted more young people to value their civics, government, and political science classes and encouraged more teachers to "take the risk" towards a critical thinking approach for ALL of their students.
  3. From Garland Gregory ("THE NEW BREED REPARATIONS SANCTUARY) The following is knowledge/understanding taught in the classroom (where media news falls short): Chaos in the Republican Party?: Here Is The Sequence To An Unholy Marriage The 1800's northern slavery abolitionist movement was not well received by the Republican Party. However, southern Democrats seceded out of fear that Lincoln and Republicans would acquiesce. Lincoln and Republicans fought a civil war to save the union, not to free the southern black slaves. Northern Republicans won the war as Lincoln's growing conscience led him to issue emancipation. Dixie Democrats vowed to protect “their way of life”; southern blacks trusted/joined Republican Party. Republican abandonment led blacks to switch to the “working-class” Democratic Party under FDR. Dixie Democrats were invited to join Republican Party as backlash to LBJ and civil rights laws. THE “UNHOLY MARRIAGE”: working-class social conservatives joining economic conservatives. Socially conservative former “Dixie-Dems” (galvanized by Trump) now dominate Republican Party. Economic conservatism proves no match against worldview / religion-based social conservatism. Social conservatism argues that female gender, darker skin, same-sex attraction are abominations. The principles of democracy say “live and let live”, “do unto others...”, “equality”, “rights”, etc. People from ALL racial and cultural groups disregard / violate democratic and “spiritual” principles.
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