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  1. All Eyes on Atlanta: Atlanta Entertainment History Book Release Coincides with Black History Month (Atlanta, GA, - February 20, 2021) Atlanta is a microcosm of Black America. It is a successful portrait of black people; their experiences; their pitfalls and their accomplishments. The Atlanta entertainment environment has served as a “startup” for entertainment worldwide. So goes Atlanta, so goes the world?! “Atlanta Entertainment History: Jookin in the A” is a history of Atlanta’s local musicians, and a tribute to the entrepreneurs who created the space to jook. From barrelhouse to bass, from honky-tonk to hip hop, hundreds of artists have passed through the jook joints of Atlanta on their way to stardom. This book pays homage to live entertainment and black entrepreneurship. It explores the social, cultural and economic impact entertainment has had in Atlanta, and hence, Black America. From the nightclub that was at the heart of the Riot of 1906 to the organizational support by the honorable Hosea Williams through the jailing of promoter Leonard Rowe as he fought for the rights of black concert promoters, Atlanta entertainment has had an impact on the struggle for civil rights in the country and in the business. In the book, you may even find out something new about Little Richard or Tom Dorsey or Gladys Knight or Outkast; all entertainers with Atlanta roots. If you’ve ever partied in Atlanta, you can stroll down Memory Lane recalling the exciting history of The Underground, The Birdcage, Paschal’s, Mr. V’s and more. Cyrus Webb, am*zon Influencer and Founder of Conversations Book Club, said of the book, “I think the larger thing that ATLANTA ENTERTAINMENT HISTORY does is show the importance of the history, and making sure that others know who has contributed to the city and the culture that so many have gotten to know and love. A book that will be referred back to and commented on for some time. This is not just about history but the memorable experiences that make Atlanta what it is today.” Rolling Out magazine reports, “Anthony’s new book, ATLANTA ENTERTAINMENT HISTORY: Jookin’ in the A, details the ways in which Georgia’s capital city has become pivotal in shaping Black entertainment and art across the nation. “ Entertainment agent, Kwaku Leon Saunders says, “It’s so very informative and well researched”. Author Libby Anthony has over 30 years experience as an Atlanta entertainment entrepreneur whose business ventures include Independent Productions, Inc. and the National COPE (Club Owners, Promoters, Entertainment Executives & Entrepreneurs) Conference. She is available for interviews. The book, “Atlanta Entertainment History: Jookin’ in the A” is available at am*zon. https://www.am*zon.com/dp/B08T4DD372?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860 ### For more information, contact: Libby Anthony Atlanta Georgia 404-752-5920 Land 580-647-3352 Cell copenow@bellsouth.net www.ipi-bookings.com Link to Rolling Out article: https://rollingout.com/2021/02/05/author-libby-anthony-says-atlanta-is-the-black-capital-of-america/ Link to radio interview with Cyrus Webb: https://www.spreaker.com/user/cyruswebbpresents/libby-anthony-interview?fbclid=IwAR3GHK4XZ9ypl96Z_wwHJtFjwimPvKNA8KJEaYBRxFZ0bccDCAqkHU06wkk Link to reviews: https://www.am*zon.com/dp/B08T4DD372#customerReviews
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