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  1. I'd say the grandparent has something to do with it because the person looks just like their grandparent this person is actually racially ambiguous themselves. and it goes a bit further than just being "light skinned" ...they look another race altogether.
  2. And this person also looks mixed themselves? What category would you say they fall into?
  3. @Pioneer1 his grandpa and his grandpa's grandmother :
  4. thanks so much for your insight, its very appreciated i am assuming you are a black hetero male? i am black as well, but not "ambiguous" or mixed looking by any means i love my friend's stories because they are always so interesting ...the people he encounters what type of skin tone would u say he has? i reuploaded the pic to this site because for some reason AALBC seemed to distort the color of the pic a bit at least on my end. pic here: https://uploadir.com/u/mvoadb3h
  5. he actually has a black heterosexual friend who told him that he wants a girl who has hair like him. lol i thought it was weird and that same heterosexual friend also said that he gives a "coolie" vibe, which is a Trinidadian version of your guess of what his makeup was (mix of black and indian) then that friend later told him that "coolie" women are his type lol he seems to have some heterosexual admirers... what do u think of what was said?
  6. Beautiful pic of Creole generations - grandmother and granddaughter Do you see the resemblance?
  7. yes, ppl usually mistake him for "Dominican" or Trinidadian where hes from so he was interested to see the guesses he kinad gets a kick out of the whole game lol
  8. How common is it? These are some of my family/ancestors from back in the day.
  9. I forgot he's also of actual Asian decent. @Delano @Pioneer1 Central Asian and South Asian Indian
  10. sorry wasnt implying that ur heritage wasn't factual just in general. if ur african american u know many have the "cherokee" story thing in the community when there are like over 400 different tribes. lol i think u know what im talkin about. not to u specifically but i do think in general its MUCH more likely for AA's to have that heritage than it is for white americans. i've seen a lot of the DNA results u refer to and a LOT more white ppl disappointed than Blacks lol
  11. yeah I know it's not uncommon for americans to have some "other" lineage but usually with the native part specifically ive seen a lot of people who have more stories than actual lineage european is def pretty common among slave descendants in America...and usually much closer/traceable
  12. he's of african american, irish and native american descent he's of african american, irish and native american descent. kinda makes sense u guessed asian. a lot of natives have an "asian" look to them which again makes sense considering their deep ancestral roots in asia what features made u guess asian though?
  13. interesting. u think he's one of those jamaicans whos mixed with asian? i posted a clearer pic
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