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  1. One question; Can Pan Africanism be achieved? if yes, please elaborate. if no, please elaborate.
  2. It does sadden me that no one came to this thread to talk about how we can focus our ideas, but maybe there is a bigger space for that.
  3. Many of us just finished the Live Chat of ADNI's report on Black Basketball Players being called The N-Word. In the chat I made a call to action as I saw so many ideas, frustrations, and anger so many of us feel at the constant disrespect and treatment we get. Far from victims, we sounded resolute, ready to filter and organize our ideas into action steps. Some of you agreed to meet me here to do exactly that. Please, let us know that you are here and ready to voice your opinions. The first step, I believe is to show that you are here. Please respond with just an introduction and let's go from there. Fingers are easily broken but a clenched fist is not. I am here and ready to unite.
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