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  1. Title: Picturing Freedom: African Americans & Their Cars, A Photographic History Authors: Stanley B. Burns, MD & Elizabeth A. Burns ISBN: 978-1-936002-12-2 publication date: June 2022 For book review - will send copies Picturing Freedom chronicles and celebrates the photographic history of African Americans and their cars by focusing on personal images of the pride and joy of car ownership (1900-1980+). All of the photographs were taken in Black communities by a family member or a friend. This publication adds to the visual narrative of our culture through 272-pages and over 450 unique photographs. Accompanying the images are comprehensive histories of photography, car freedoms, and travel, as well as contributions from legendary photographer Chester Higgins, Jr. and public health advocate Gerald Deas, MD. The Burns African American Historical Photography Collection has been a source of exhibitions and documentaries on the African American experience for over 45-years. This is the fiftieth book from Stanley B. Burns, MD and the sixth from Elizabeth A. Burns. https://www.burnsarchive.com/picturingfreedom
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