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  1. Can you imagine yourself wanting to be loved so badly that you put yourself and children in life or death situations? Or wanting someone so badly that you disregarded the fact that they had other women in their lives, so you continued to put up with the cheating, waiting at the end of a line of women to be wifed? Well, that's Cassandra, she just wanted to be loved but was never shown the type of love she should of had. Cassandra never had the ideal childhood, all she wanted was love from her father who did nothing but direct he life into a nightmare, and shadowed every choice that she and her siblings made. She experienced a lot at a young age and was forced to grow up too fast. She had to make quick decisions on her own and sometimes had to suffer the consequences for the choices that she made. She experienced several trials and tribulations and was ready to give up on life until something, or shall I say someone, turned her life around. Available on am*zon and coming soon to www.reallovedmc.com
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