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  1. The God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is my God. And I am His own. I know that He is because I've experienced His presence. Nobody imposed Him upon me. I fought with God and ran from Him. He loved me anyway. He protected me and provided for me anyway. I choose Him.
  2. I hope you're still around. I have a question. This whole thing kind of fell into my lap but looking back over my life I see God's hand in it. I'm an American. I found a map from 1747. 1747 map Kingdom of Juda specifically. That was the beginning for me. I studied Jeremiah and Lamentations. I studied Deuteronomy 28 and there's even a part in Genesis where God told Abraham part of his seed would go into bondage in a land they don't know for 400 years. The colonizers dubbed it the slave coast but they also used its rightful name. Are we from the tribe of Issachar? Jacob's blessing suggests that they're the ones who would be sent into slavery. I'm so glad I found you. I'm not crazy or embellishing things in my mind. There are others who see it too! When I first started to see this, one of my first thoughts was, "We're descendants of God's chosen people? We're actually important? That can't be right..." and I know how sad that sounds but I did. I ended up with a church that keeps Torah before all of this started. They're trying so hard to be like what they understand Jews to be and they are quick to claim it. I wasn't because of the warning in Revelation about those who are not Jews saying they are. Because I know how...particular God is about bloodlines. I told them I'm not a Jew, I'm a Torah keeping gentile. And God seemed to rebuke me and say no, I'm not a gentile but an Israelite because that's when it came up. The information that I've found has really just kind of been given to me. Once I knew it was there and only after I'd seen it did I actually have to look to find it again. When I say that God has provided for me and protected me I mean this in the most literal sense possible. He hears me and every now and then He'll answer me. Not with words that I can hear with my ears but with a feeling in my body. I can actually feel Him answer me in my body. I think Him knowing who I am to Him better than I do may be why. Not that I'm awesome, I'm not, I'm kind of a pain, but I'm His pain and He loves me. My daily focus is not provoking Him. I've accepted that because I'm human I'm not going to please Him all the time so I try very hard to at least not provoke Him. I believe provoking God should be avoided at all costs. What do you think about the blessing for Issachar? I thought my family history was stolen and forever lost. That I would never know where I came from or the traditions of my people. I never expected to find them in my Bible.
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