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  1. How would voting for Trump justify black violence? Is that all you understand? Do you think it is normal for a group of people to go around dealing with everything violently while not providing any type of path to peace in the world through say an invention that makes life better for people? Why do you think it is so awful being white? What makes you think because I'm physically larger than most black guys that there must be a physical confrontation of some sort to sooth the ego of belittled violent black men? What about Asian people who are KO'd by black people just for being Asian? I think that kind of violence is very disgusting.. Most civilized cultures do.. Blacks practice slavery today in black countries where it is not outlawed.. Just google any black country and type in slavery.. You'll find millions of black slaves who are owned by other black people.. I don't like slavery so I googled it and what I found out was shocking... There are black men who literally groom young black kids to be slaves.. It is where Nestle (a white owned company) gets its chocolate.. but I dare you to look up slavery in say Nigeria.. It goes on today.. Again the slave owners are not white people.. Nwaubani Ogogo was a slave trader who gained power and wealth by selling other Africans across the Atlantic.... Playing the blame game doesn't solve the problem. If you care about the victim acknowledge the root of the problem.. It's not just white people and never has been.. Stop playing like it is.. Also, many neglect the fact that the Portuguese (A Spanish people) owned 10x times more black slaves than the confederates but people act like black slavery what a white southern issue.. While many blacks sold other blacks into slavery.. None of it was good but don't try to act like the only problem was a white face.. Again, millions are enslaved by their own people.. Anyways I have better things to do than argue about race which some people just live their lives doing while never achieving..
  2. I found this thread because I wanted to know why so many black people act openly violent to me in public or aggressive even though they don't even know me and I have not done anything to them... I'm 6'0" tall white guy with a muscular build and I get this a lot.. I've had black guys walk up to me and punch their fist and stuff like that to put me on defensive.. Today, I was going into a restaurant and a large black guy flung the door at me while charging towards me making me move and was with a group of large black men.... Another one following behind them said something to me as well when he was walking out while I had just gone in there to pick up an online order. Now I couldn't imagine myself acting that way to anyone regardless of their color it would be pretty racist to attack someone on the basis of their color. It seems like almost on a daily basis something weird happens... Rude prolonged stares are also common... And also when I'm sitting near a trash can many times they will do something stupid like throw their trash away aggressively sometimes while looking at me.. It seems pretty weird.. I guess they are trying to imply I'm white trash, lol. I'm against slavery and all stupid stuff like that so I can't understand why all the negative behavior.. Also, songs with racial lyrics seem to be common in black music.. Race seems to be injected all the time which if you are not racist yourself then why always bring up race? I try to get along with people but it seems if I have a smile on my face it won't last long because it won't be long before I'm attacked in public or just zeroed in on while doing common things. I can't understand why it's so hard to get a long in public while doing common things or if they are waiting on me they will go out of the way to make me wait longer than other customers and petty stuff like that... I'm finding it hard to find a reason to like them at this point..
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