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  1. And I'll be honest with you, the bigger the economic divide the more you are gonna see these type of things happening. All of these unions picketing because people are tired of being left behind and these are people with jobs. This whole trickle down economics thing is not working for everyone. It's only working for the top one percent and people are fed up.
  2. Yeah, like I haven't been tormented by white folks??? That doesn't make me put every last white person in the same category. The last 23 years I've lived in an area where me and my family or one of about five black families. The undertone that comes along with that on a constant basis is tremendous. Ensure nobody jump me because I can handle my business, but they sure did try to torment me. No, they didn't rob my store because I don't have one, but the mental suppression is just as bad as if they did. The constant scrutiny how did he get a Mercedes? How did he get Audi? How did he get a land rover in the smug look's from people that don't even know you might as well have been physical because they were definitely mental. Calling the police and asking them to investigate me because I have nice things and the police doing it... So let's not talk about who's calls and people anguish, whites, nowadays have always had a hand up and determine peoples outlooks. And yeah, you might not be running around, breaking into stores and stuff of that nature but the economic suppression is pretty much, the same as if you would break into our communities and steal everything we got. You're just doing it with the law backing you.
  3. Like racism came out of thin air??? It kinda did... Here's the definition of racism. "rac·ism /ˈrāˌsiz(ə)m/ noun prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism by an individual, community, or institution against a person or people on the basis of their membership in a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized. "a program to combat racism" And with one-party committing a insurrection against its own government I really don't think you have any platform to stand on when pointing fingers. And don't let one of your sports teams win a championship... you burn down the whole city turning over cars and that's when you're feeling good about life...LOL My ancestors lived in Wilmington North Carolina when they decided to burn the black communities down because they were making progress and doing too well without them. This happened to several cities across America so don't tell me how violent you are not when your statistics show how violent you are as a race. These kids are tired of being the bottom of the barrel while white America goes off and does whatever it wants to do for getting them. They're screaming out for help and you're not helping. I bet you if your race was slated to be poor their whole life, all because of the color of their skin, you'd be acting out as well. https://www.zinnedproject.org/news/tdih/wilmington-massacre-2/
  4. Wow that's a lot of traction. People do need to hear other people's opinions especially when their faults so the truth can come out. I don't know how often mines are changed but if you can enlighten one person a day, you're making a difference.
  5. Would've commented earlier, but I was busy having fun playing golf yesterday with some of my childhood friends... I've known these guys for almost 50 years. As for your comment about demonizing... There's no demonizing... it's the truth!!! I will say... when the truth feels like you've been demonized it's probably because you know the truth and the truth hurts. I'm sorry you couldn't help, but until you understand the social economics of the whole problem, you'll never be able to help us. Furthermore, you can't even help your own race. You have no ideas for them, so how do you think your idea is going to work for us? Your community is not even following those policies you talked about. We need people to stop being racist and making racist policies. As far as the violence that goes on in your own communities, if you took more pride in that, instead of trying to tell us what to do our communities would be better as well. I would love to have a real conversation about the solutions for all our communities, but I will not be talked down to by someone who thinks that they're doing better than us because they’re communities commit a couple of murders less. With your community committing 10,000 suicides that nobody seems to be addressing... out of this 15,000 annual gun related deaths and you're still committing murders in those 15,000 annual gun deaths, I don't think you have a strong enough standing point to be telling people what to do. If you want to talk about real solutions which are economically driven, I'm more than happy to have that discussion but you're not gonna come in here and tell us that we aren't good fathers and you're not gonna come here and tell us that somehow your society is better when the federal government statistics and CDC statistics say otherwise. I don't know what alternative facts you're looking at but until green is green and blue is blue your alternative facts mean nothing to the truth.
  6. I get it you want to help, but when you say that raising peoples wages, which would lift them out of poverty, which would help them out of their situation is too much... there's really nothing else to talk about. You see you really don't understand what is going on in these communities. When every day of your life is a struggle to survive and you watch your mother and our father struggle just to put food on your table and then you see your whole neighborhood doing the same, 20 bucks seems like a lot and worth fighting over. If you don’t understand that, you don't understand the fundamental problem and there's almost no way you can help. Soldiers go to war and come back with PTSD. These kids grow up in war zones, and the only thing that outsiders can call them is thugs... Not taking the time to realize that these young men and women have been through some of the same things soldiers have gone through and need some of the same care, mentally as well. Then you top it off with a steady diet of gun trafficking and drugs coming from outside of their cities to help them with their demise and you got a recipe for disaster. These kids don't have land to grow the drugs on, they don't have the means to produce the guns they receive, but somehow it gets into their neighborhoods. We all know who's behind it, just like the government pump drugs into Watts California, back in the Day. And I'm not pointing fingers I'm just saying what we all know is true. Until you eliminate those two major things coming outside of the neighborhood into their neighborhood, which they don't have the vehicles to go and get it, we are going to continue to have this conversation.
  7. https://carjiescott.com/2018/06/17/cdc-report-on-fathers-involvement-proves-that-black-dads-are-most-involved-and-the-pew-research-center-reports-that-the-role-of-the-american-dad-is-changing/
  8. I think it would come off more genuine if you were to say how do we keep people from committing crimes because the crime stats show that even per capita white people commit more crimes. Yes young blacks commit a high rate of homicide but what I'm trying to say to you is the systemic problems calls these problems. And if you think inflation is bad because somebody at McDonald's is making a extra 50 cents to a dollar an hour you are sadly mistaken. Especially not when almost every industry is recording record profits. That is why inflation is high not some lady who can barely make her rent with three-part time jobs, this is a trickle down effect and what is trickling down is not water...LOL... So let's do this, since our black communities are already doing the majority of the stuff you talked about how about we work on the systemic inequality problems IE financial situations that are holding these communities down, because I can promise you if that is not part of the solution, your checklist that we're already doing is not the answer. And I'm sorry but I have to make this statement, we've had to do videos in the past for foreign students especially Asians to tell them not to plagiarize. It was that big of a deal at our university that we had to make a whole video about it and the underlying statement was these people cheat. Not saying all of them, but I'm speaking from experience on that one. And with the recent media stories of affluent white people paying for their kids to get into schools, I wouldn't talk about lowering the bar...LOL... We knew this was happening all along, just couldn't prove it because no one would listen. Kind of like with all the body Cam footage and cell phone footage of police brutality. We knew it was happening but nobody was going to listen...LOL
  9. All of those comments you just said aren't solutions when your luck in their father's up for life on petty drug crimes that white people skip through the system on. Besides take a look at these numbers. When you read this you'll see what I mean about you just coming up with stuff off the top of your head that you heard someone else say not even looking up the facts. https://docs.house.gov/meetings/JU/JU00/20210929/114092/HMKP-117-JU00-20210929-SD012.pdf This goes right along with what I've been saying all along, your laws are getting in our way the same laws that you skip through we get caught in the net. Black fathers have always been more involved in their kids life just like this article states from the government mind you, that you didn't take the time to look up you just spit out something that you thought should be true. And who says we aren't already doing some of the solutions that you're talking about as a matter of fact that is all we're doing but when you have a system that is rigged against you and people like you reiterating false statements that they heard about we can't make headway because the policies hold us back. Like James Brown said I don't want nobody to give me nothing open up the door and I'll get it myself. But when that door is locked and when it is open it's only open to a few of us that song is just a song. And like I stated earlier how are you going to expect a kid that has been raising themselves to not to want to have sex? I stated earlier I don't see you asking white kids to not have sex and they're having plenty of it. That has never been seen as a solution just asked Sarah Palin who stated the exact comment about kids not having premarital sex while her daughter was getting pregnant. It sounds good but it's not very enforceable.
  10. All of those comments you just said aren't solutions when your luck in their father's up for life on petty drug crimes that white people skip through the system on. Besides take a look at these numbers. When you read this you'll see what I mean about you just coming up with stuff off the top of your head that you heard someone else say not even looking up the facts. https://docs.house.gov/meetings/JU/JU00/20210929/114092/HMKP-117-JU00-20210929-SD012.pdf
  11. I didn't like them and they offended me I didn't even read them where are your solutions?
  12. Again you have come with no solutions, only talking about one black person that you hired that didn't work out Boo Hoo!!! Over the past 25 years I've seen numerous white men get hired that were ill qualified for their positions and boy did they hide from work. Just yesterday my supervisor who I trained by the way put out our project numbers For the last year. For the three media content producers me being one, I had 12 projects with 50 independent deliverables. My other colleague who is white has 6 projects with 30 deliverables. My other colleague who is Asian have five projects with 16 deliverables and needed assistance on most of them to complete on time and still missed deadlines. There goes your Asians work harder than everybody else theory and I'm gonna screenshot this document and show you...SMH I currently work at a university as a video over IP professional and I have seen white men run from work or take so long to complete it they might as well not even have had the job so don't tell me about who's putting in the time. Furthermore how do you think these people coming out of poverty can possibly afford a college degree? They can't even afford rent and you wanna talk about giving them a job if they qualify? And your universities lower the standards for black students is a bunch of crap. I'd love to hear and talk to those so-called friends you said said that because I could read them the riot act as well. I'm going on my 25th year at the university I work at and if anything, these black students that come to this university have to be 10 times better than their white adversaries just to even be looked at. It's either that or they better be running touchdowns and slam dunking basketballs. And you're talking about I act like I know you, I don't have to know you to read what you're saying and again the only thing you came out here to do was to point your finger at the less fortunate but like I said I'm not one of them and I have facts on my side not alternative facts. And if what you say is true and you're willing to hire the best candidate even if they're black, I applaud you but don't think I have to await your beckoning call when you come on a site for African Americans and start pointing your finger at what we need to do. Especially when the majority of gun deaths happen to white people from suicide. You don't see me on some white site talking about what are you gonna do about your suicide rate... along with your crime rate which by the way even per capita is still higher than ours. Yes unfortunately our black on black murder rate is way too high but your white on white rate isn't 0. Like I stated before we do have a major problem in our black communities and I've given many examples of how to fix it, you on the other hand seem to think you know who we are and you don't, at best all of your stories or third hand and some of them are just straight up faults.
  13. Funny how solutions sound like the blame game to those who are to blame for their policies.
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