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  1. Evangeline has fought hard to get where she is; now someone wants to take it all away. A dark secret could threaten her success and her life. Who can she trust and what will she do to keep what's hers? Find out now in Evangeline the Series part 1. Now FREE for Amazon Prime members! Get hooked today. http://www.amazon.co...32194413&sr=8-1
  2. Congratulations!@Rhyminggaijin @YouTube

  3. Come compare books with me on Goodreads: http://t.co/w1wH65VI

  4. Spread Joy on purpose today! It will come back to you.

  5. Tell Congress: Don’t censor the web! http://t.co/3Z1S6You

  6. See, yoga really is a lifesaver. Namaste y'all. http://t.co/CDsD93HL

  7. Go after your dreams fiercely. You have what you need to succeed. God bless you in your endeavors.

  8. Need some fitness gear? Visit the The Urban Market @ http://t.co/95dlLHR7 Many thanks!

  9. Have you downloaded your copy of Evangeline the Series? Part 1 available at http://t.co/hwFVo2wp http://t.co/g7dXDZXH http://t.co/4MQrUe5Q

  10. I'm very jealous of you now@paperhaus

  11. Sing, Celebrate for a King. Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

  12. Internet Addiction Causes Changes To Human Brain – Study http://t.co/lXUv6nZU

  13. Don't miss the Tet festival @ the Jacksonville Fairgrounds from 10AM-7pm January 15th Celebrate the Vietnamese New Year!

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