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  1. I thank you for the privilege of allowing me to share this story with you. It is a condensed version, but you get the idea. The tale continues in the sequel, "The Tribe" and then again in "The New World" and coming soon "Octopus" which are available at my website on the bottom of my posts. I won't bore you any longer but will give you a peek at "The Tribe", an even deeper bond is growing between Felipe and Batu... The morning sun broke over a clear sky and blue waters as the Vengeance surged on toward Tortuga. Gulls wheeled overhead and followed the huge ship perching on her yardarms ca
  2. Marianna was the first to stand. “I am going also.” “No! There is no need for you to go, it is far too dangerous.” Felipe said. “And what of Victoria? Is there a need for her to go? She goes because it is her son. You are my son and that child is my only grandson. I will not wait here wondering what is happening. I will simply follow after you if I must, but I am going. This is my entire family and I will not just sit here. Carmen can wait and if we do not return before dawn, at least she can go back and tell what has become of us. I am going, do not try to stop me.” “She is
  3. They went to the edge of the forest and met her as she approached. She excitedly told them that yes, she had seen Juan Carlos and he remained quiet but smiled at her and knew that she was there looking for him. “He has always been a very smart child.” the princess said. It was bad news that he was not occupying the princess’s old bedroom but instead Felix Chavez was. Felipe was excited to hear this news. “At least I know that I can get in there and kill him for what he did to you.” he told his mother. “No, the sound of a swordfight or shouting might bring guards.” Marianna said.
  4. The courtyard of the castle was a busy place. There were many booths set up and shops lined the walkways. She passed a bakery and smelled the fresh bread cooking. She passed a blacksmith shop and many booths selling leather goods and baskets. Fresh vegetables, fruit, nuts and live chickens in cages lined the road. People were bartering over items and no one gave her a second look. Up ahead, she saw a younger woman wearing the same uniform that she was wearing and she followed her. The castle had a wall within it’s walls separating the castle itself from the courtyard. She continued to fo
  5. You may have to enroll in "Ereaderlove" to get these, many are lame but a few are good. This one sounds promising...All Different Kinds Of Free Jessica McCann (Author) A free woman of color in the 1830s, Margaret Morgan lived a life full of promise. One frigid night in Pennsylvania, that changed forever. They tore her family apart. They put her in chains. They never expected her to fight back.In 1837, Margaret Morgan was kidnapped from her home in Pennsylvania and sold into slavery. The state of Pennsylvania charged her kidnapper with the crime, but the conviction was later overtur
  6. This long tale is finally coming to a close, it won't be long now...
  7. CHAPTER TWENTY TWO ENTER THE LION’S DEN The Vengeance sailed back to Tortuga and anchored. The women waited anxiously on the shore as the men rowed back. When Felipe told them that Juan Carlos had been kidnapped and brought to the King they all began to cry. “At least we know that he is alive and now we can go and get him.” Felipe said. “We cannot just storm the castle.” Marianna said. “We can get into the castle undetected. Angelica and I found a secret passageway when we were children. It leads from the outside wall near the forest to the closet in my old bedroo
  8. Marianna got up with a worried look and rushed off to Felipe’s cabin. Soon Felipe and the princess began calling his name. Batu and the rest of the village joined in. It was getting late in the evening and everyone was very worried because the jaguars would soon come out at night. They searched the shoreline and the women prepared torches so that they could continue to search at night if he did not return soon. Victoria was very worried about him as was everyone. When darkness fell the men got weapons and continued searching the jungle at night. The women could hear the men calling his name d
  9. Writergirl, I led John here from another writer's forum. I asked if anyone wrote for an African American audience and was immediately attacked. The person went so far as to say, and I quote through cut, copy and paste his words in blue. I'll bold the really offensive parts... anyway, i don't much like what i've read of authors 'targeting' ethnic markets. i'm pretty 'whatever' about it because i'm white and as such their existence is pretty irrelevant to me. but i like to think even if i was black i wouldn't go near those sections of bookstores. why not? well, because i don't like thinkin
  10. Raphael went to his cabin and got a large amount of reales. He left the village and walked through the jungle to the settlement on the far side of the island. The sun was setting when he finally arrived tired and thirsty. He went to a tavern and began to drink heavily. He was still very angry but he was afraid of Felipe. Several men were sitting at a nearby table looking at a document. It caught his eye and he went to the table to look at it. It was a wanted poster with a likeness of Felipe offering 50,000 reales. He began to think about the offer, he had plenty of gold but he wanted ano
  11. Time passed and Victoria’s time was soon approaching. One day they were all sitting in the pavilion when Carmen walked up with a basket. She approached Andreas and said “I have prepared a meal of fried chicken, potatoes and fresh greens. I also have a bottle of fine wine that Jean Pierre gave me. Would you like to join me for a picnic at the waterfall?” “Of course.” Andreas said smiling at her, that sounds wonderful.” He rose, said goodbye to everyone and they walked toward the trail then into the jungle. Not a word was spoken until they went into the jungle. Marianna looked at Fe
  12. Early the next day the princess chose a ring from her jewelry box and instructed Angelica to secretly give it to Felipe without his mother seeing it. ‘We would not want for him to get in any more trouble with his mother.” Angelica giggled. She went to find Felipe. Marianna and Carmen came in with some small white flowers and a bouquet of slightly larger ones of a soft yellow. They fussed over brushing the princess’s hair and helping her with her makeup. Angelica found Felipe in his cabin with Andreas. He was wearing his finest clothes, clothes that he had not worn since arriving o
  13. CHAPTER TWENTY THE WEDDING Andreas found Felipe alone on the deck and approached him. “I did not want to frighten your mother by saying this in front of her. The man who captured her, Felix Chavez is the King’s personal assassin. I trained him myself and he is a deadly man. He is relentless.“ “I will find and kill him for doing this to my mother.” Felipe said staring at Andreas. “He is a very dangerous man Felipe.” Andreas said. “I will send him to meet God and his judgment.” Felipe replied with a confidant look. “Very well.” Andreas said. As they
  14. Batu quickly put his palm over the man’s mouth and nose and grabbed him by the back of his head with his other hand. He lifted the man off of his feet and stepped back behind the building as the man kicked at him and struggled trying to break Batu’s iron grip with both of his hands. Batu pinned him against the wall with his knees and with a quick, powerful twist broke the man’s neck and eased him to the ground. Again he watched the guard walk and turn, this time he peeked around the building before he darted across. Together they eased to the back wall of the small jail. A yellow square
  15. CHAPTER NINETEEN MARIANNA Felix Chavez surveyed the harbor on Veracruz as the ship approached. It was a very busy port with ships of all descriptions. Frigates, Corsairs, fishing sloops and a few Galleons rode on their anchors. After his ship dropped anchor he got into a rowboat and went ashore. Stepping ashore he went straight to the Viceroy’s compound and showed the Commander of the garrison his letter of decree from the King giving him full authority over his mission. He was escorted to the room where the records of arrest, deeds and census were kept. “You may
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