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  1. Glad to see so many views of this topic. Allow me to introduce myself. This is JRW III as in The Artist/Founder/President of THE NEW ART ORDER and ONYXCON of Atlanta, GA! We proudly are connected to The BOOK LOOK and are also on board with the ABLE alliance. AALBC is on board- all day! This is a wonderful spot and I look forward to learning more about the many literary avenues the African Diaspora is exploring in creation and readership. I STRONGLY encourage you all to become fully aware of The Black Age of Comics movement of mostly independent comics and related products being spread worldwide! www.onyxcon.com ONYXCON on Facebook - check us out! www.ecbacc.com www.dablackage.blogspot.com www.onlistudios.com www.blackageofcomics.com www.urbanstylecomics.com www.blackcomixbook.com and so much more. THIS IS A MOVEMENT YA'LL ! MAKE MOVES! JOIN US! ///
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