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  1. While many teenage girls ponder on what kind of dress they're wearing to prom, or what hairstyle to choose on their next visit to the hair salon; Sharmeka Jackson is worried about a babysitter for her little brother so she can go to school every day and if her teenage friend will have a good drug sell to provide food for her and her younger siblings. Poverty, drugs and even murder consume Sharmeka's life. What will she do to survive? To find out visit: www.agaphepublishing.com to learn more about Author Juliet Carr
  2. How do you measure a man's love for his wife? Andre T. Beatty answers that question and more in his debut novel, Love Affair Through his storytelling, Mr. Beatty has peeled back layers of the heart of a man and revealed his thoughts, vulnerabilities and his view on God's design for marriage. Love Affair takes the reader on Journey.... Great read for the secular and the church world at large. It has a lasting message. To read an excerpt or learn more about Andre visit: www.agaphepublishing.com
  3. There is no better deliverance from the world than through POETRY and PROSE. Travel along on that journey with Author Shana Jay as she searches within herself with her latest release A Piece of My Heart Vol. 2: The Unedited Truth. It's sure to bring you out of the dark. Visit www.agaphepublishing.com www.shanajay.com
  4. ATLANTA, GA - An adventure in learning has begun in the My Brother Brian children’s book series. The series is a collection of children’s picture books created by authors Joyce Oscar and her daughter Ambrea Clark for children up to seven years of age. The stories are intended to be read aloud and are accompanied by the vibrant illustrations of Joseph Lonnell Jones. Just Too Little is the first release in the family of books. It engages children in a way that opens up their own creativity and imagination. Just Too Little is a colorful story about being wonderful just the way you are. The idea for the My Brother Brian series began when Oscar came upon a project that her daughter had done as a fifth grader. Clark was asked to contribute a story that would be a part of a school fundraiser. She decided to write about the most colorful person she knew, her younger brother Brian. “My brother was always getting into something, and always kept me laughing while driving my mother crazy. He would spend most of his time in his blue Power Ranger costume practicing karate moves,” states Clark. All books can be purchased through Amazon.com, Barnesandnoble.com, or ordered through local bookstores. “Our desire is to help children to be able to relate to the adventures of the main character while learning important life lessons,” said Oscar. The authors hope to introduce an entire family of books, which will include: When I Grow Up, Sometimes I Forget and I Can Do It On My Own. Contact Agaphe Publishing at info@agaphepublishing.com, or you can visit their website at www.agaphepublishing.com.
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