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  1. My Soul My pen is a symbol of my soul, when I write it releases the tension that is destined to inspire… To uplift and pivot your spirits, to bring a means of brotherhood and togetherness that shall not expire nor retire… Like Nasir Jones only needed One Mic…All I need is One Like… And watch me take flight, as the heavenly Father guides my hand, as I know it’s his plan, so I shall move at God Speed, with no other needs, but to believe and achieve… No weapon formed against me shall prosper, therefore I am proper… like a noun, so capitalize my Fame when it’s set and done… I already told u once, ain’t nothing new under the sun. You can keep your materialistic thoughts of success, as long as my soul is aligned… with the Most High, I got a poetic buzz…Now that’s what I call HIGH!!! As the Angel’s cry from the sky, to wash the erosion from Mother Nature… I shall continue to share my soul every time this pen touches the paper… One Love!!! Mario D King ***Check out my site at www.mariodking.com. Would love some feedback...Peace and Love***
  2. Dream Chaser Continue to chase your DREAMS… I know it’s easier said than done, while I know there’s nothing new under the sun, and some treat Dreams as something you should shun… Continue to chase your DREAMS… Continue to chase your DREAMS… Even when the world around you have their doubts, while the people around you suggest you take another route, and nobody wants you when you’re down and out… Continue to chase your DREAMS… Continue to chase your Dreams… Even when your fear overtakes your emotions, while you try to conquer that fear and use it as a means of devotion, but you just feel like a small fish in water with the mass of the Atlantic Ocean… Continue to Chase your Dreams… Continue to chase your DREAMS… I know times are hard, and you got a family and they can’t starve, we all actors in this film called life, but you’re not satisfied with your part… Continue to chase your DREAMS… Continue to chase your DREAM… Even when all doors seems to be closed, while defeat and despair is a medicine giving you it’s dose, just let go and give to GOD and let him take control… Continue to chase your DREAM… My Brothers and Sisters, continue to be Dream Chasers… Don’t let no one derail your passions, ideas or faith. One Love, Mario D King
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