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  1. Listen to used The mud did the girl, What song to sings. The first movement --------- You use mud I created, but my heart, I used the people do not know Many Secret, sweet spring water. . . And some other things, Composition is formed, Created. My master, You said that you often wearing a the new green jumpsuit dress, carrying a pottery Go blue Behind the tall mountain Fountain absorb water? Shengquan you say this will be singing in the daytime, green and blue at night issued rosy flame it? You said your heart, you use people Unkno
  2. Please Dear Poet, Writer,Readers friends, appreciate me for the poetry, Here a total of five poetry, The first poem, rose_rosy [一朵玫瑰色的玫瑰] By the Chinese poet fengwenshu My space 's small emperor-my son As a Roseate for endless routh, When unborn my son, Lived in lofly belly of a flowering tree of dreaming. And fire phoenix fly, like one single moonlight_azure, In phoenix's body breed, In rosy rose had Vomit and lent to the nigths, hills, Rivers, grasss, groves,
  3. Note, China Global Policy Institute members, is the prophet, a wise man Magic medicine of God,Help the Human flying carpet Such as the magician magic medicine of God, Help humanity to get on the myth of flying carpet forward God of this like magician's same mysterious medicine, helped the humanity to sit the myth to fly the blanket advance , Introduced to the doctors, Very exciting. The beauty myth, fairy tales, magical and charming new method of treating disease. New human medicine, this new invention, The creation of new cures for diseases, new huma
  4. free when the gods 150 years -170 years old This gift is sent to everyone in the world, By Global Policy Institute, a gift from Note, China Global Policy Institute members, China is wise, the prophets, free when the gods 150 years -170 years old free when the gods 150 years -170 years old All human beings is a life ----- Leo Tolstoy, Everyone in the world, are sisters, brothers ----- when the ancient Chinese belief in the far Mankind is one family, [Let us all be free when the gods 150 years -170 years old], supplemented for the content of fast-
  5. Dear readers, writers, poets, friends, you, Please forgive me, I use this As I introduce myself Dear readers, writers, poets, friends, this is the first part of my self-introduction, By the Italian poet Vinum Divinum, translated from English into Italian Cari lettori, scrittori, poeti, amici, questa è la prima parte della mia auto-introduzione, Con il poeta italiano Vinum Divinum, tradotto dall'inglese in italiano, By fengwenshu 【Il nuovo Xin Boda - Mi presento】 Cari poeti, amici lettori, sono molto felice di
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