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  1. Collaborating under the name D. C. Cowan, ‘Legend of the Black Roses’ sees the authors depict a cruel reality where racism rules society. While fictional, their gripping narrative is poised to provide plenty of real-world food for thought. How far could society go to separate its citizens by color? For Immediate Release Asheville, NC – While it has been fifty years since Martin Luther King’s March on Washington, the world still remains largely divided by race. In a powerful new literary series written by mother and daughter D.C. Cowan, society’s continued ignorance of Civil Rig
  2. Hello community, Enter to win Legend of the Black Roses by author D. C. Cowan kick starting a new compelling series in African American literature. This novel is a true rareity combining historical fiction, fanasy and romance featuring only African American protagonists. The book will be released December 31 and the contest finishes on January 3, 2014. Once the contest ends, you might be the winner of this debut novel! Contest Rules: If you're not a member of Goodreads community you can join here: www.goodreads.com Follow the instructions for starting an account
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