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  1. It would work as a film or a play to have whites in the roles of slaves.
  2. Many contests, and some specific ones for African American and Caribbean Authors and a few for young people specifically...search the lists carefully... check it out. I would enter the non-fee ones, but some of the fees are not very much. Good luck http://www.freelancewriting.com/writing-contests.php
  3. Hi, Mr. Mills Jr. try the contest at this address...it's a feeless and for writers of color who don't have agents. http://www.freelancewriting.com/freewritingcontests/FWC-new-visions-awards.php If the book can be for 12 and 18 year olds maybe you can submit it to that contest...the prize is money. I don't know if it's fiction or not. You might also check out the other no fee contests at freelancewriting.com...check back for updates and other contests...If it's an essay type book, there are essay contests as well. Perhaps you can write and essay for the book. Some of the deadlines have past, so
  4. Troy, it sounds like they killed Chalky White. I might just check out the summary online rather than rent it via HBO's new service or wait until they offer us another few months of free HBO. I can't watch that show without worry because they kill people off you'd rather see make it out to a better, calmer life. Well, maybe Cynique's quote on death becoming the final act in a drama is more apt for Boardwalk since it's just full of death and killing! Speaking of death and killing the Breaking News about Shootings in Canada's government building is on air right now. That might replace th
  5. A weed-smoker makes an equally interesting protagonist because marijuana cultivates a fertile imagination and being caught smoking it is a misdemeanor which could involve taunting a cop, which could set the stage for a confrontation. A black youth high on marijuana and a white cop drunk with power fill the roles in a drama where death becomes the final act. But, that's another story. No that is actually the summery of the story in fact. Cynique that's so well said--it's the perfect pitch for the producer to hear!!
  6. Yes, a fascinating post...full of that sense of wonder, too...experiences like Cynique's makes me doubt that "artificial intelligence", whatever that means, can ever be really a self aware consciousness. Machines would in any case have no need for our flaws and limitations, such experiences. There might be more to us than just neurophysiology--a mechanistic view of the brain. This all hinges on questions that verge on the spiritual, not necessarily of religion or any religion per se.
  7. Deleted my posts on all this out of fear that some mentally ill person, white or black, alas, will think my artistic attempt to understand Brown's humanity and his premonitions of impending doom and how it might have influenced his wrong-headed behavior will think or believe it was a justification for his actions.
  8. Those are interesting points and some serious things to think about. How to explain why I find "The Haves and Haves Not" in particular interesting, it's difficult to say. He certainly has done well with his opportunities and is a good example of savvy, business smarts-- using his gifts to achieve fame and success, building his own studio of sorts, if I'm not mistaken. The roles on the show seem pretty unique to me--not your typical cops and soldiers stereotypes. No super-people but flawed people. Other stereotypes. I like the hyperbole. The exaggeration. The show is probably an example
  9. Cynique, you have the imagination of a science fiction writer. Your other points on color interests me as well. I'm more impressed by Tyler Perry's writing white characters than his black characters because it seems white authors were privileged to write about anything under the sun, they could put themselves in everyone shoes, correctly or incorrectly, so I'm happy to see his freedom to recreate whites as it were. I don't believe any author white or black should be confined to exploring the personalities and cultures of only the groups, classes and races assigned to him. If they give you ru
  10. I forgot to mention that the terrible thing about the Black Jack story is that he would've inherited his mother, a slave and other slaves. HIs white father's love of him didn't include any convervation to free slaves and to not exploit them. It makes for a bit of suspense, too, will he or won't he free his mother and the other slaves. Looking back at old Hollywood films at the heyday of filmmaking it's remarkable how little reality existed in terms of black contributions to the West, for example and other things: movies about race horse Jockeys, whale ship crews, most early films fail to show
  11. Again, just talking shop, history, literature, fiction--the place of this racial material in entertainment--the arts. How do we use this stuff as artists faced with the commercial demands to entertain people. If art has no moral purpose except to help people escape from reality is it worth pursuing? Can non-commercial art survive against pure special effects spectacle. If you still persist in being an artist in this day and age, you have to confront these questions. The world really doesn't need any more escapism, so what good is the artist, what is his role--a propagandist for the status qu
  12. Cynique that's also a neat little idea for a science fiction story. Cynically speaking, of course the aliens would reject the lot of us! Until we cleaned up our act on this poor planet. When I mentioned jealousy I think if I recall right, among some Afrocentrics there is this conclusion that there was jealousy, envy involved, given the age and prowess of ancient Egypt this as explanation for the cover-up, the evidence being destroyed, denigrated, but I didn't see that in the documents I looked at. My source for blacks in the Roman period I can't recall right now, a book I read quickly an
  13. If aliens from Mars landed on Earth would they find Caucasians more appealing and attractive than Negroids? Europeans more appealing than Africans? Asians equally acceptable? Does the place blackness occupies in nature and the universe have anything to do with the negative vibes it is subjected to???? The dark continent seems to have been doomed from the beginning. Those are very powerful questions, Cynique--much food for thought. I didn't find any jealousy in the texts I mentioned--I forgot what I've read on the Ancient Roman period and their treatment of Africans and this history, t
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