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  1. Based on the actions Darren Wilson said Michael Brown took, Michael Brown committed suicide by cop. If Wilson's story is truthful, why did Michael Brown commit suicide by cop? Was Michael Brown suicidal? Did Michael Brown have a history of mental illness? Was Michael Brown suffering from depression? I ask these questions because they would explain Brown's actions on that tragic day. I just can't imagine a young black man attacking a cop, attempting to disarm him, telling the cop that he's too vagina (my word) to shoot him, and then charging toward the cop after already being shot by the cop. These actions are not actions of a sane person. Was Brown insane? These actions sound like the actions of a person who is suicidal. Was Brown suicidal? These actions sound like the actions of a person that just committed a serious crime. What serious crime did Brown commit? These actions sound like the actions of a person on hard narcotics. What narcotics did Brown have in his system? Brown's actions, according to Wilson, were completely irrational and violent. Some people would like to point to the store robbery as proof that Brown was acting irrationally and violently that day. But when we observe the tape, we see Brown restraining himself from pummeling the clerk: the clerk attempted to stop Brown from leaving the store, on the clerk's second attempt, Brown walked toward the clerk in an intimidating manner and then exited the store. Indeed, Brown was acting irrationally, but clearly he wasn't acting extremely violent. According to WIlson, Brown's actions were contrary to what we see on the store's surveillance tape. According to Wilson, why did Brown's actions go from irrational to completely irrational, violent, and suicidal? Did Brown have a history of violence? These are questions that could have been asked in a trial. What are your thoughts?
  2. It can be done, and you can do it. I would love to read your book once you're done with it. I'm an aspiring writer, and I am working on something at the moment. It's difficult and challenging. This is the first screenplay I have ever written. I am hoping to write a novel one of these days. I love literature. I love words, whether they are spoken or written. Good luck! If it is possible, inform me where I can find your completed work.
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