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Beneath the endless sands of the Sahara lies a secret, one of epic proportions that, if uncovered, would shatter mankind’s current perceptions of all that is past, and all that is possible. The Savion Sequence is the compelling account of one man’s unwitting path of discovery, a journey that takes troubled historian Brigham Elijah back through his own childhood experiences and the metaphysical secrets they contain. Returning to North Carolina upon the gruesome murder of his uncle and mentor, Savion Elijah, Brigham is challenged by the late professor’s bizarre death, the coded messages he left behind, and the powerful society of men vested with keeping an age-old secret -secret. This is a story of signs and symbols, of coveted knowledge and ancient truths, and of one man’s ultimate quest to uncover mankind’s hidden legacy.

The Savion Sequence is a masterful blend of mystery and metaphysics, spirituality and social commentary, and is as enlightening as it is engaging. Comparisons between D. Amari Jackson and contemporary authors are inevitable, but he takes us beyond Octavia Butler, Dan Brown and Stephen King into a new world in the pantheon of great fiction writers.

Anthony T. Browder Author and Kemetologist

An epic journey of discovery.

Bakari Kitwana Author of The Hip-Hop Generation

D. Amari Jackson is a skillful writer, adroit in both plotting and character. The Savion Sequence is an engrossing, metaphysical thrill-ride that will keep you reading all night.

Stephanie Robinson Author, Harvard Law Lecturer, and Political Commentator for the Tom Joyner Morning Show

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