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  1. I would like to thank everyone for their responses to my post yesterday. But the real issue here is there is a really big problem in America with our black men. I appreciate all of the writing tips. The focus was supposed to be on Relationships and helping out our young black men. Thanks Troy for noticing that! I was married for 7 years and in that relationship had a beautiful daughter. I have been divorced for 6 years now. I have interviewed single and married men and women on the topic of relationships. The feedback I have received was very informative and mind boggling as well. Alo
  2. Hello Everyone, I'm new to Thumper's Corner and I would like to introduce myself. My name is Robert Alfred Taylor Jr. the new author of RELATIONSHIPS, The Complete Black Men's Guide to Developing Healthy Relationships, You Can't Practice What you Do Not Know, Treat her Like a Lady. I'm a native of Kansas City, Missouri. I have traveled the country and during my travels I have noticed that black men across America have lost their way when it comes to pursuing, developing and maintaining healthy relationships with women. Now don't get me wrong it is not just the brother's who are
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