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  1. Hello ALL! Although I have written three fiction novels, my passion before all of that was poetry. I have a group of poems that I would like to put together and publish, however, I am not sure how it will be received. My question is if there is any real benefit in publishing my work? I mean, besides for my own personal feelings. Thank you very much.
  2. Troy, I most definitely don't mind. Trust me when I say I can give it as good as I get it. http://thefabwordsofsalenaraye.blogspot.com is my link. My apologies and thank you.
  3. This is a happy day. If nothing else happens, I am proud to have gotten this far!

  4. Actually CD Burns, and Troy, I have been swamped with other things. It is not that I just "dropped the post and disappeared". I haven't been able to get back to every post I receive until now. Please do not feel that way. I only have a blog, not a website, as I am new to all of this and am just getting my feet wet. I am learning as I go. The links are active CD Burns. It would be much appreciated if instead of insulting a bit, you'd encourage or instruct me on how to do this the right way, because I am not always sure. Thank you all for the concern and interest. Be blessed.
  5. Hello and Happy New Year! My name is Salena Vasquez, I'd like to personally invite you all to try out my ebook, What Are the Chances, available now on Amazon.com. You can also simply copy and paste amazon.com/author/salenavasquez into your browser to get your copy. Below you will find the description. Thank you all for your support and taking the time to read this. Chante', Isabel, and Cynthia all have one thing in common: Sheraud Starks. Chante' is his exhausted wife. Isabel is the mother of his secret child. Cynthia is best friends with Isabel, and wants to see what all of the hoopl
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