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  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE April 4, 2011 CONTACT: Norwood Holland NorwoodHolland@netscape.net (202) 4120642 DREW SMITH A NEW AMERICAN HERO Washington, DC -- Norwood Holland’s Sleepless Nights the first released of the 4 volume Drew Smith Series is loosely based on DC’s infamous 2003 Colonel Brooks Tavern murders. The protagonist Drew Smith is like no other before. An African American attorney managing a successful solo practice finds himself enmeshed in complicated relationships and complicated cases. A stark difference from other fictional detectives Smith is a distinctly new type, professional, single, urbane, a good looking playa charming the ladies, clients and Judges alike all in the pursuit of justice. Drew Smith takes on shady clients solving cases fraught with danger and romantic intrigue. The legal wizard, while frolicking with an exotic dancer succumbs to a midlife crisis. Haunted by nightmares foreshadowing an awakening reveals an empty life prodding Smith to find solace in the arms of therapist Zöe Settles. Life gets more complicated when the attorney is pressed into service solving a vicious robbery that leaves three dead and the city enraged. Drew Smith and his devoted sidekick Julio Mejia work to free his young client on the trail of a crazed gunman responsible for a growing body count. In the end, the gunman and the dancer combine forces to bring Smith down. When death comes knocking Drew Smith faces the fight of his life. Sleepless Nights abounds with despicable and lovable characters plus all the universal elements: love, sex, jealously, betrayal, murder and revenge. It has a narrative depth that sets it apart from the current flood of Urban Fiction. The author conveys a dark hardboiled view of the underside, sprinkled with sex and violence, elements that make the contemporary genre popular among the teen and 20 something readers as well as the mature looking for a well written yarn with compelling characters. Norwood Holland is a lawyer and freelance writer blogging at editorialindependence.com, more information available at sleeplessnightsnovel.com. Sleepless Nights The Drew Smith Series By Norwood Holland 293 pages ISBN 978-0-983-16560-6 Available on Amazon, including Kindle and Nook Windmill Books Ltd. Washington, DC
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