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  1. Princess Violet (A Picture Book) by Charlie Waddle: Kids will love this full-color storybook (including 30 illustrations) that features Princess Violet and Prince Christoph from Charlie Waddle's book Princess Violet: A Daring Adventure. Sometimes it isn't easy being a princess, but someone has to do it! Follow along as Princess Violet goes on a daring adventure. Available on Amazon.com Free today only (5/14/15) Length: 40 pages
  2. I would like to first thank this forum for allowing authors to share new releases. Thank you! My newest release: Are You My Mommy? by Charlie Waddle. (Free today only - 3/9/15 - on Amazon.com) Genre: Children's Books Synopsis: Mothers and little ones, hold on tight. Charlie Waddle has written his best book yet! You'll laugh, smile, and sigh with happiness as mommy and baby are finally reunited. This is a story filled with cute and cuddly animals that will delight readers of all ages. Come along on a journey through the wild as one little ostrich tries to find his way
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