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  1. I don't know the answer either. I usually bring my own batch of condoms with me because men will try you with that "I forgot them" scenario. I have an even better question, why do so many black men not give a damn whether they catch something or not?
  2. This makes sense and after I posted and spoke with someone else about the lady's hidden identity, he explained the same thing to me that victims of rape are usually held anonymous to protect them. I initially thought that they were trivializing her because they kept referring to her as the "hotel maid." Race is not important to me either. I just hope that the case doesn't get trivialized. This man seems like a predator and another lady is coming forward to testify his sadistic behavior. I heard recently on the news that he stepped down as the head of the IMF but they will pay him 300,000+ per year for the rest of his life. The unfortunate thing is that this woman is a single parent and can't work and therefore can't provide for her daughter. I hope that she can get some of this perpetrators' money in the end because right now she and her child are suffering...
  3. Hi everyone. I'm sure you have heard about the IMF President trying to rape a hotel maid (if not here is the story http://abcnews.go.com/Health/MindMoodNews/dominique-strauss-kahn-ladies-man-sexual-predator/story?id=13612519). Is there a reason why they are not revealing the woman's identity? I saw some Africans on television standing up for her and I also heard on Good Morning America that she is Muslim and a single mother who came to the U.S. for better opportunites some time ago. Her race or heritage doesn't matter to me its just that people keep referring to her as "the hotel maid" and that is getting on my nerves. Does anyone know any more about this lady? Do you all think he will get off? I hope not. I think that this man is a predator and he has been enabled for too long. I also hear that another lady who was attacked by him is coming forward to press charges.
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