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  1. Thanks, Troy! And I'm always lurking! I'll try to do a better job of participating!
  2. NOW ON SALE $3.99 - RESTED WATERS by Deborah Fletcher Mello - KINDLE Excerpted from RESTED WATERS - Manroot Tucker looked up and down the road through scotch-hazed eyes, swaying awkwardly back and forth. The young white girl giggled excitedly as she wrapped her arms around his thick waist, guiding him toward the back of an old brick building. He giggled with her, having no clue as to what she found so funny. Together they staggered up the back fire escape, kicking an old, gray cat out of the way as they searched for her rear door. On the third floor, lights flicked off inside one apartment and Manroot could see the window shade being lifted ever so slightly as someone peered out curiously. “Mind your business, you nosy bitch,” the girl giggled with a thick accent, flipping her hand in the window’s direction. “My man will kick your old ass if you mess with us. Won’t you, baby?” she said to him, goosing his broad backside. The window shade dropped quickly. Manroot snickered. “I’ll take care of you, baby.” As the young woman struggled to get a key into the door lock, Manroot leaned back against the porch railing. Although his mind was glazed, painted over by a thick coat of cheap alcohol, he could not help but appreciate the statuesque figure before him. He’d had his eye on her for some time, ever since that brief moment when she’d brushed against him brazenly, her bright red lips turned up in a seductive smile. Tonight, she had sashayed into the after-hours club, a pale peach dress clinging like wet paint to her firm body. She was a pretty girl, with long, russet-toned hair that hung in smooth spirals down her back, and deep, ocean-blue eyes that danced in the dim light. Her pale complexion was smeared with far too much pancake makeup, but Manroot was too drunk to truly care. Now, a white girl in an after-hours club that catered to colored folks stood out like a sore thumb, and this girl had wanted to stand out. The way she’d pranced in, swaying her lean hips at each drunken fool who catcalled or whistled in her direction clearly announced her intentions. The women had eyed her maliciously, knowing that she was up to no good, but keeping their distance because she could easily bring the kind of trouble none of them needed. White girl start crying and complaining and someone’s ass was going to jail. Those with any sense crossed to the other side of the room to avoid the blue eyes whispering for attention. Those either too drunk, or too stupid, fell over themselves to get to her. Enjoy the book trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1vpxWykRTvM!
  3. NOW ON SALE $3.99 - GRAYE by Deborah Fletcher Mello - KINDLE and NOOK Excerpted from GRAYE - Hers had been a warm kind of loving when he had let it be, her long limbs wrapped around him like a much needed blanket on a crisp January morning. The heat that rose from her skin had spun a vibrant warmth up and over him, and as he’d rested his head along the round of her breasts, he’d wanted only to snuggle deep beneath the essence of her, and melt the chill from his soul. His need for her had become unnatural, his craving stirred by the mere thought of her flesh against his flesh. Just the whisper of her name would waken his manhood and command him to possess her. October, just before the birth of his son, had been the last time he could remember her giving herself willingly, wanting to feel his touch against her skin. Then she’d gone cold with the chill of the season and his desire had become an obsession. Refusing to accept what he saw in her eyes, he abused the love between her legs, taking what he believed to be his as she lay in apathy beneath him. Ignoring the torment she’d been made to endure at his hands, he’d blamed others for her transformation. He’d blamed the women who’d told her she could do better, and the men who stood waiting for his back to be turned. And he blamed Tate who’d not bothered to hide his longing, always caressing her fears with a gentle smile. He’d seen Tate hug her once, wrapping himself around her hurt. And, as intensely as his friend had wished away the woman’s pain, had Graye wished away his friend. His hand dropped to his crotch, gently cupping the limp flesh. The metal bars beneath the thin mattress pressed angry against his back. Tears dripped quietly from Graye’s eyes. His worst nightmares had come true and it was all over now. His best friend was dead and he imagined he would never again feel the warmth of his woman’s loving. Enjoy the book trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dw1wmsjtlOo!
  4. It gives me great pleasure to introduce my latest book, RESTED WATERS. RESTED WATERS is the haunting story of Janay Tucker, a young woman who is forced to reflect back on her past and the memories of her tumultuous childhood when she receives notice of her incarcerated father’s death. Rehashing history through the eyes of her paternal grandfather, James Tucker, Janay is made to flash back to a past with an abusive mother who dies a violent death, a father imprisoned for the crime, and the family and friends left to help rebuild her future. Through a tapestry of human encounters, Rested Waters delves into the emotions and experiences of love and turmoil, racism and respect, flesh and spirit.
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