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  1. I look forward to the various discussions on writing and how to land an agent. I also want to learn to perfect my craft before releasing my debut children's picture book and novel. I don't want to be put in the genre of urban fiction/street --a niche market. My books are more than that. A WRITER'S NIGHTMARE by, Tiffany Simone I know that feeling, FEAR. It often holds me back. The writers block, the numerous rewrites, the right word, the various opinions, the what to and not to write. Then comes the self-doubt. What if? What if they don't like my pitch, my query letter, my synopsis, my title, my opening paragraph, my sample chapters, my partial, or full? Do I let these trivial things hold me down? NO, I DO NOT! I keep it moving. I open up my laptop and type, Type like my life depends on it. Type something that they'll eventually like. I refuse to let FEAR define me, because I control my destiny. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. COPYRIGHT 2015
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