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  1. Hello People! This week (28-29/4) we're offering the excellent and informative book "Growing Up Differently" by Ronit Plotnik for 0.99$ only! Get your copy at: http://goo.gl/Dmg2A1 For more great books, go to www.contentonow.com We love our writers! This book examines through a multi-disciplinary developmental approach, the entire development of a child from birth to adulthood; utilizing an integrative model to describe the effects of these difficulties on the child, his family and social interactions. The parental role is highlighted including description of various intervention mod
  2. Hey guys! Looking for book promotion options? Become a best seller - Check out our promotional packages and book deals for authors. ContentoNow – A well established book publishing company – markets and promotes digital versions of handpicked books from its existing publications and books you bring to us. High exposure is guaranteed on relevant websites, chosen from our experience in the field, thus creating an unsurpassed presence in digital bookstores and giving birth to an ever-growing readership on the web for our-your books. Contact us at: sales@contento-publishing.com Our brand
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