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  1. i point,i do not consider whites the original population of north africa or the so-called mideast since we all know that black africans were there first and still are there.yes whites been there for a long time but that does not make them native there.
  2. blacks have been tricked to believe folks of color will be the major group by 2050,but the facts are most hispanics are white in america,most are not folks of color i have just learn. __________________________- White Americans are the largest racial group counted in the 2000 Census, comprising 75.1% of the population. This number is sometimes recorded as 77.1% when it includes about 2% of the population who self-identified as "white" in combination with one or more other races; about 6% also identified ethnically as Hispanic. The largest ethnic groups (by descent) among
  3. HI I AM NEW HERE and i know that this topic was closed below but i has to say reply. http://www.thumperscorner.com/discus/messages/2152/6405.html i read many of the comments in here and when i look at this princess,she looks black too me,so i disagree with one of the posters saying she did not look black in the link above. second i do agree that most african americanslook african even if the average african american has some form of admixture.recent dna test sugggest that most african americans do not even have native american blood.that was a myth told over the years and the show
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