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  1. Hi Troy, How do I upload my book cover to advertise after payment? 10/1/15 Receipt No ending 7949
  2. Hi Troy, I used Createspace.com as a vendor. They are very good in working with first time authors.
  3. Thanks Troy! I'll send the link to all of my readers. Have a wonderful day!!
  4. “Delve into tragedy, romance, and deceit from Virginia to Charleston, SC where real life experiences between two different worlds, tests the strength of a couple determined to prevail. Set in fictional Mills-town Virginia, “Sweet Jessamine” is a touching story of family tragedy, tender romance, and passionate love. When Christina Davis reveals a horrible secret that will wreak havoc amongst families in her small town community, she’s sent unwillingly to live with a relative in Charleston, South Carolina. Michael Rose is satisfied with life as a single, confirmed bachelor. He intends to spend his days working with his father's business, and nights in the comfort of beautiful debutantes with lustful desires until a chance encounter with the beautiful Christina Davis threatens his plans of unattached decadence. Their attraction soon gives way to intense passion and desire, as they will not only define their devotion, but to the people determined to pull them apart, redefine the meaning of unconditional love. Wanda Miller’s heart-wrenching debut novel has it all, sizzling romance, playful side characters, and an exciting climax. Entertaining and humorous, this relatable story takes readers on a romantic journey and captures the spirit of love, faith, and family.
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