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  1. Hi Troy, How do I upload my book cover to advertise after payment? 10/1/15 Receipt No ending 7949
  2. Hi Troy, I used Createspace.com as a vendor. They are very good in working with first time authors.
  3. Thanks Troy! I'll send the link to all of my readers. Have a wonderful day!!
  4. “Delve into tragedy, romance, and deceit from Virginia to Charleston, SC where real life experiences between two different worlds, tests the strength of a couple determined to prevail. Set in fictional Mills-town Virginia, “Sweet Jessamine” is a touching story of family tragedy, tender romance, and passionate love. When Christina Davis reveals a horrible secret that will wreak havoc amongst families in her small town community, she’s sent unwillingly to live with a relative in Charleston, South Carolina. Michael Rose is satisfied with life as a single, confirmed bachelor. He intends to spend
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