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  1. Thanks the ISBN# is 978-0-9863559-4-3 (Don't think it will be activated until the 15th November). I understand the importance of working together and so will be happy to send people to your site and display your logo on my website as one of the places to get my book. I have been impressed by the wealth of information on your site. (especially where to go for book events). Thank you - your hard work is appreciated.
  2. Thank you so much for your positive feedback. We will be selling The Righteous Sin through other options including Amazon, Barnes & Nobles and African American specialist bookstores. The book will officially launch November 15th and we are offering pre-orders exclusively through our website www.therighteoussin.com
  3. I am so excited that after 8 years of hard work - my magnum opus The Righteous Sin is complete!! I can't wait to share it with the world and welcome your feedback. I created a novel that seeks to have the reader looking at the way they view the world, love, faith, and sin. Save the date as we officially launch the book November 15th 4pm at the Loft Hotel, Downtown Atlanta, GA. Please check out my website www.therighteoussin.com for details. Thanks everyone
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