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  1. Greetings Everyone, I'm an independent director/producer from the BX. I make social movies about urban life. All three of my movies played in theaters. Now I have it on youtube for all to see. I ask everyone weather you like the movies or not to subscribe, comment and share. I have trying to get them on netflix and other streaming sites but was told I have to have a hundred thousand followers. I didn't put my movies in film festivals because of funding. My first movie Chick-en is all over the world. I had to take out some music on youtube that didn't belong to me so it was slightly edited for youtube services. My second movie Waiting 4 Mr. Wright is a love story, a little on the classy side. Soundtrack by Jazz producer Stix Bones. My third movie Perate is our latest work. I'm not mentioning the content. You be the judge. Please, like or not like and share any movies to your family and friends. Thank you you can also checkout my website www.streetlinevideo.com Chick-en https://youtu.be/VDn6nlUskkU Waiting 4 Mr. Wright https://youtu.be/eCOwOlhguFc Perate https://youtu.be/7jb_jeXA-mA Street line
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