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  1. Thank you Sir! I knew about the July/Aug Bestseller listing because I joked about coming in 3rd behind R. Kelly and Superhead. I did not know about the Sept/Oct! I will do my very best to make the list again with Black Gold! Thanks so much for including the work on your aalbc! And if you guys didn't see the LL Cool J and Puffy edition of Finding Your Roots tonight, you're missing the power of the real history of our enslaved ancestors! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q51xFQ6edBE https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10208471367770142&set=pb.1485491096.-2207520000.1455680449.&
  2. "The history of our enslaved ancestors is not what you've been led to believe" Anything of value is typically hidden by nature, or other people, and it takes work to unearth valuable gems that will increase your worth. True Black history is one of those gems that was hidden from our enslaved ancestors and is currently hidden from you! History as taught in the United States dehumanized the African image to manipulate society into believing they were doing Africans a favor by enslaving them. Anti-African propaganda, disguised as history, created the environment that allow
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