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  1. After our December 2, 2017, Literary Pop-Up Shop, The Writers' Block will be hosting its first event for 2018! "Freedom Fair" Literary Pop-Up Shop! If you know an author or entrepreneur, refer them! Yvonne James, Organizer For more information about The Writers' Block, check us out at https://www.thewritersblock-tn.com
  2. The Writers' Block (Tennessee) is piloting its first monthly Literary Pop-Up Shop in Bartlett, TN! On December 2, 2017, The Writers’ Block is launching its first Literary Pop-Up Shop in Bartlett, TN. I piloted the concept with the objective of bringing authors together with their audience. It is a book fair, meet-and-greet, mix and mingle, book signing event like none other. It will be held Saturday, December 2, 2017, at the Singleton Community Center, 7266 Third Road, Bartlett, TN 38135, from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM CST! FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, we have seventeen aut
  3. CD Burns, You are absolutely correct. The voices of those who would leave a positive imprint are muffled out by the rhetoric of the wolves who could care less about your physical, mental, or social well-being. Those of us who do care, and want to effect a change in the lives of people have to speak louder and longer. As a poet and author, my Purple Promise to my audience is: Purpose Unleashed Renews Promises' Lasting Effects. Meaning: Determination and tenacity, when given a free rein, reintroduces possibilities and potential with lifelong results. Our leaders are too busy trying to build a fo
  4. Am I the only one who gets frustrated at the hype modern day hustlers are selling. The infamous link that goes nowhere, but to a coaching website or video infomercial where they allure unexpecting consumers into buying a product that will not solve their problems. As a society, are we so desperate for, and obsessed with perfection that we think it is attainable? The beauty of life is its imperfections, it ups and downs. The adage that implies that the best things in life are free - is correct. Money cannot buy love, peace, happiness, contentment, health, and well-being. Money can buy stuff, bu
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