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  1. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE ATLANTA-BASED WRITER GERALD TORRENCE LAUNCHES HIS PLATFORM FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE, POLITICAL ACTIVISM AND CULTURAL CONSCIOUSNESS WITH HIS BOOK—AMERICA'S ORIGINAL SIN ATLANTA, Georgia – Atlanta writer and author, Gerald Torrence, presents America's Original Sin, a collection of thirty-four compelling essays promoted on his platform, TheTruthTeller, for social justice, political activism, historical enlightenment, and cultural consciousness. In light of the election of the nation’s first black president, Torrence's book was fashioned out of frustration by the mainstream media’s consistent censoring and distorting of information to fit national, political, and special interest agendas. "I’m excited to launch my first book and spread the truth about critical issues affecting African Americans and other oppressed peoples of this country and the world," says Torrence regarding his inspiration for the book. "I write for the same reason I became a lawyer ... to be a voice for the voiceless." Torrence launches into a four-part treatise on the subtle but telltale truths about racism in almost every aspect of American life. What follows are scathing indictments of racism triggered by the Justice Department’s investigation into the Ferguson, Missouri police department and President Obama’s initial denial of the very existence of racism in America. With the naked truth exposed, America’s Original Sin ultimately issues a call to mobilize a return to the rich heritage of black America. Distinguished scholar and civil rights activist, Dr. Love Henry Whelchel, calls America’s Original Sin “an impressive effort” and writes, “People will have to take seriously works of scholarship, righteous passion and intellectual courage such as that provided by Mr. Torrence.” “Sin resonates with all who have a mind to read or listen, without respect to race, color, creed or socioeconomic conditions,” says Torrence. “I hope to call a generation to consciousness and action with this book.” America’s Original Sin is available for purchase online at amazon.com. For more information visit www.the-truth-teller.com, tttspokentruth on Facebook, @tttspokentruth on Twitter, or call 678‑909‑9287. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Gerald Torrence is an Atlanta lawyer, educator, writer, and social activist. Torrence is interested in nothing more and nothing less than the truth and he's been sharing them on his blog www.the-truth-teller.com. His writings have been published in the Denver Urban Spectrum and other Atlanta area publications. Torrence is Owner and Founder of The Truth Teller Enterprises and an ordained Baptist minister. CONTACT: The Truth Teller Enterprises info@the-truth-teller.com 678-909-9287 ###
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