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  1. Came back to this thread to share that both books have just been accepted in the catalogue of The Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. I can't express in words how excited I am about this achievement. I'll definitely be looking to increase advertising opportunities. I've spent the early hours of this morning looking into the AALBC advertising options. https://www.nypl.org/locations/schomburg
  2. Sorry, ill go edit that post now to avoid anyone else reading that part. Trust me though, there is so much more than that going on in this book that it has not been spoiled and you would not be disappointed. I'm so glad Amandla exists. Young black girls need to someone to look up to that looks like them instead of the superficial kardashian types. Not to mention that Amandla is a shining example from that generation. She's simply fantastic as a role model for young black girls.
  3. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER There are possible spoilers ahead. GREAT MINDS THINK ALIKE! I was already thinking about the hunger games as an example of what your first paragraph alluded to and then BAM there you were saying exactly what I was thinking in your second paragraph. Her name is Amandla Stenberg and I remember when it happened that those people were delusional. (Shes a very outspoken activist by the way) Thats the problem with hollywood though. Movies are not meant to portray us in any sort of favorable light EVEN WHEN the characters are described as Negroid in feature. (Thats part of the reason why I push for our community to promote our own media, stories and movies). Anyway, I digress. A lot of the names, dates and locations are from true historical events. (Examples were edited out to avoid possible spoilers) I could go on and on but why ruin it . Ultimately, I agree with you especially when you said, "For me, it is to ensure that as a race, we are represented in the visions of young black children via an imaginary future (in the stars?)." I couldnt agree more here but more on that priority as the book progresses, especially transitioning into the sequel. But the first half of the book has to lay the foundation for the reader and that is in the historical framework. As the main protagonists advance in technology and understanding, so will the reader transition from the historical framework toward "represented in the visions of young black children via an imaginary future (in the stars?)." Some in our community are satisfied with having a black superhero side kick in white scifi movies. I am not so easily please and believe we should completely make our own heroes and stories. Enter one of my main motivations for writing this series.
  4. Thank you for the kind words @Sarah. Obvious, was the goal when it came to the colonial African themes. I want to give the reader an unfiltered crash course in true historical events via metaphor. Yet I purposely make it obvious because so much more is subtly waiting below the surface. If you have amazon prime you can read the ebook for free. Ironically, most people (including myself) are surprised to discover that George Lucas got his star wars ideas from Ancient Kemetic mythology and draw connections from my series to star wars without ever knowing the common source. That's part of the reason why I wanted to write using Kemetic mythology. I hope you'll be interested in reading it. I love feedback and the opportunity to discuss my novels with readers. Thanks again for the feedback.
  5. That is a lot of helpful information and i'm about to dedicate a few hours toward looking into everything you just shared with me. Thank you.
  6. @Troy I really appreciate that, thank you. Are there any literary agents that connect through your website? I've been looking for one but haven't really had any luck finding one that i'm comfortable with. Any suggestions?
  7. Thank you for approving my profile.
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